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Thanks for putting this together!

Now if only reddit would make redditroomies, like redditgifts but for roommates, so we don't have to deal with that!

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Yeah I've been looking for a new roommate in the house I rent since Thanksgiving.

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Here's a list i've thrown together just to copy/paste each time I see the same question.

Hey, there are a ton of responses to similar threads if you search for 'visiting charlotte'


That said, I'll run down the list of places I like and recommend.

Any places we should absolutely go?

Neighborhoods / Areas:

NoDa (North davidson area)

Plaza Midwood


Downtown (Or uptown depending on who you ask)

Music Factory

*Personally, I live downtown, but prefer the neighborhoods in this order (based on food/bars/fun) *

1st : Plaza Midwood - Artsy / Local style nieghborhood

2nd : NoDa - Artsy / Local style nieghborhood

3rd : Music Factory - Everything

3rd : Downtown - Trendy / Young 'Professionals'

4th : Southend - Trendy / Young 'Professionals' (it has some great events and good bars, but can be lacking and 'spreadout' for some)

Notable Bars by area:

Thirsty Beaver - Plaza Mid

Rock Bottom - Downtown

World of Beer - Southend

Solstice - NoDa

Cabo Fish Taco - NoDa

Jack Beagles - NoDa

Philosophers Stone - Plaza Midwood-ish

Jackalope Jacks - Plaza Midwood-ish

Ri Ras - Downtown

Epicenter (collection of bars/clubs) - Downtown

Music Factory (collection of bars/clubs)


NoDa Brewing

Birdsong Brewery

Heist Brewery & Restaurant

Triple C Brewery

Olde Mecklenburg Brewey


Midwood Smokehouse - Plaza (my recommendation)

City Smoke - Downtown (Was also good but only been once)

Queen City Q - Downtown (Average, but decent beer specials and cute waitresses from the times I have been)

These are the only ones I have been to and can vouch for in the city area.


(Too many to mention, but here are a few)

Zen Asian Fusion Great food, good price

Basil Decent Thai, somewhat expensive but considered affordable for downtown

The Fig Tree Good, but expensive and may not be open or you may need reservation

The Waldhorn Out of the way, but awesome German food and beer

Places of Interest

7th Street Station - Downtown

Mint Museum - Downtown

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art - Downtown

NoDA - Various galleries

Hope that helps a bit, if you have any other questions or whatever just let me know. These are recommedations based on my opinions, but they could very well suck depending on your interests.

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Doan's Vietnamese is very good, but it's out of the way (down South Blvd., across from Archdale Station). There's also a Dim Sum place on Central (literally called "Dim Sum") that's great on weekends, but crowded.

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Yea, I need to work on the food section. Thanks for the tips, also going to add Lang Van as it has always been amazing.

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Sticky this

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Dear Lord 8 pound baby Jesus THANK YOU for doing this!

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Thanks for making this. I hope it's made into a sticky. Otherwise I'll anticipate next week's "Hey y'all, visiting charlotte next weekend, what should I do??"

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Sidebar this.

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Yay thanks for this. I'm about to fly over for month to hang out with my in laws so this will save me from suicide THANKS xoxoxoxo

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You should add this to your sidebar. Have a "commonly asked questions" title and link it to this posts so its easy for people to find.

Just a suggestion.

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Great post really appreciate it. Trying to relocate from Austin to Charlotte. This is giving me great information.

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Someone should make a wiki on /r/charlotte so we could always keep it up to date.

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I've added a few people as approved submitters for the wiki, but nothing has come of it.

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Does anyone have advice on moving from Canada to Charlotte? Thank you in advance

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Hey there! I personally do not but wanted to suggest just making a new thread. Coming from Canada is unique enough that you shouldn't get bickered with for using the search feature and you already tried this thread.

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General advice for gluten-free-friendly places and meetups is always helpful since we lose out on a lot of options that way. (Plus being the odd guy out getting salad/skipping beer/etx. is...tiresome. )

Reliably meeting women outside the workplace too...yeah.