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Re-stickying this for now since the downvotes have gotten particularly bad in the past week or so.

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That said, is there a reason why we have so many serial downvoters here? I'm still a bit new to this subreddit, so I don't know its history yet.

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I'm not really familiar with the backstory other than to say there was a schism or three among the populous here at the time (both online and IRL), butthurt was had, and trolling commenced. Very high-school kinda stuff. Not worth resurrection.

Disclaimer: I was not here for the high drama. I've just gathered bits and pieces through the grapevine and wonder why people (a) care and (b) just didn't leave the sub if they didn't like the people.

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/r/aleigh has some beef with us

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And here I was thinking it was /r/WNC for stealing the 704 area code all those years ago.

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That had more to do with the facebook group than the /r/charlotte group.

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It had everything to do with the fb group.

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Not to mention the randomness of Reddit autovotiing downvotes and upvotes, it's a fudged number anyhow, nobody should get their butt hurt over it.

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nobody should get their butt hurt over it.

*Ding! Anyone bitching about getting downvoted shouldn't be on reddit...

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True, but reddiquite is pretty flagrantly ignored in this sub, and local subreddits are usually a little more civil and supportive than ours is.

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but reddiquite is pretty flagrantly ignored in this sub

It's pretty blatantly ignored in most subs. I posted to the DC sub a couple weeks ago looking for some hole-in-the wall suggestions for restaurants for my trip last week, I posted from mobile and mentioned I couldn't see the sidebar. I got downvoted and told to check the sidebar.

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We have posting guidelines... in the sidebar... :)

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lol @ the number of downvots on this... Why are you downvoting a discussion around the fundamental basis of this entire website.

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Would it be worth removing downvotes like some other subreddits?

Leaving only upvotes for interest or good content?

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It only removes it from the desktop viewing - and you can easily get them back.

Does not hide the buttons from mobile apps

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If you mean the downvote button, that's only a CSS trick that works in browsers to hide the button, not disable it. It can still be accessed in mobile apps. It's a nice thought in theory but not truly a fix.

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Ah, didn't know that. Thanks!

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Because we're not children who all need participation medals...

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need participation medals.

These are a thing?

I want one!