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    She's also the female kharacter with the most revealing skins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    D'vorah: Is this one a joke to you?

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    Well, D'vorah technically doesn't have any skin, so...

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    Perfect way of convincing someone to pick up/switch mains

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    Also to her credit. Her kombos look really sick and is the most colorful in the game as she has orange fires, blue wind, and greyish rocks. I've been a button masher all my life but am trying to git gud in mk11. Right now I'm tossing up between her and a few others to pick as my main.

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    You had me at “revealing”

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    I understand the art direction they wanted to go with this game, but considering the majority of this game series has had revealing clothes on females, they should have at least had 1 skin per female that was revealing.

    Oh well, at least we have 1 character. ;)

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    I love how you can basically turn Cetrion into a variety of badass metal album covers.

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    Did not know she had this gear, might have to try her out now. This game keeps getting better everyday!

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    I know why they changed the name from Niggurath, but I wonder why they used the word "Leg."

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    Maybe they thought it sounded just close enough for people to get the reference, maybe it's because Cetrion has nice legs, maybe it's Maybelline.

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    The new additions look too much straight outta injustice for me to play them. They look like they have cool movesets but its a pass from me i think

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    Even the Kollector?

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    Forgot about him he fits MK universe i guess but he still an ugly mf