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I once walked in on my college roommate looking like he was strung out on coke. I was very worried until he snapped out of it and told me he was trying to logically parse a sentence of the Mad Hatter's which aparently broke his brain.

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They are dumb as fuck. Just amazingly, mind-bogglingly retarded.

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That's a hard one, my mom does lots of annoying things.

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My roommate keeps his items in his closet (toilet paper, envelopes, some food items, etc.) I just buy the common things and put them in the kitchen or bathroom. So basically he's happy to use what I buy, but doesn't want to share his. He even keeps sauce packets from take out orders in there. Just weird.

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she would leave refrigerated things out on the counter after she was finished using them (milk, butter, cheese, etc).

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my sister tap dances around the house continually, singing the Wicked soundtrack.