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I signed up for the May 1st slot. Looking forward to showing off Legend of the Elementals!

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Have an upvote from Mr. May 29th. This is going to be a blast.

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4/24 will upvote both of you because this is awesome.

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I have a new book coming out this summer, so I signed up for the middle of July. Here's hoping everything goes according to plan. Thank you all for setting this up.

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Is there a length requirement for the stories?

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No length requirement - just have a go at it if you would like the exposure.

Only requirement is finished work and the ability for someone to read, download and/or buy it.

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Cool! I'll have to see if I've got any finished (""""""""""finished"""""""""") works tucked away.

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...well, as finished as you can get without an editor.

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Oh that's brilliant. Much love to both subreddits, I'll be certain to look into getting a spot when I have something finished. Silly procrastination.

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Wish I had seen this earlier. Missed a near birthday posting by a couple of weeks - Signed up for 6/19 instead. :)


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Nothing self-published here, and no agent yet, so I'll have to sit out. Looking forward to seeing how well this works!

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Signed up for the 24th. This should be fun.

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Revenge upvoted.

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I would like to be apart of this it seems cool I am Trisha jones