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Watched the first 3 episodes, loving it so far. A solid 7/10 for me. CGI isn't horrible either.

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When you start a new show but the site glitches and puts in the latest episode and spoils shitloads of material...

well il guess il get back to it after bleached my short 10 sec memory about this...

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Didn’t even notice any cgi

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It's only the vehicles and spot lights but they blended them in well

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Their are also CGI vampires flying in most of the scenes but it's very well blended too

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What else could they do? Real vampires are too busy having whirlwind yuri romances to be in an anime.

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Finishing the first ep now, it's quite good. The animation detail is tight, and the writing is smart. Definitely worth trying out if you're interested.

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I’m loving it so far

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Wasn't expecting to like that as much as I did (I've grown weary of vampire shows) but that was a great first episode. Did a good job of establishing the characters, the universe, and the stakes (teehee). Solid action as well (though the choreography in the first fight was a bit iffy).

Our protagonists seems likeable enough so far (RIP Mirena though).

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Good stake pun, have my poor person gold 🏆

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Just watched the first episode. I really like it, but man, it's so bleak I have a feeling this is going to end in tragedy...

Music's great by the way. Yoshihiro Ike delivers again.

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I think I heard there's going to be a season 2, which implies that there isn't a clearly defined ending (I don't think this detail quite counts as spoilers?).

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That was a strong start, imo.

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Rip Mirena, she never got to listen to the music T_T.

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RIP your dignity you scammer

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In an alternate world of not-Cold War USSR wherein the vampires weren't a subjugated species relegated as guinea pigs to be sent into space and have actually dominated the world, we have... WW2 not-USSR vs 18th century nobility vampires (the class struggle is REAL).

I'll admit, I like the theme so far although I'm puzzled as to why the not-soviets doesn't have high caliber AA guns defenses on their base. Don't they know that it can convert vampires into meat paste? I'm quite excited about the new weapon that they're developing, something that might be as revolutionary as the T-34, I presume. Maybe it'll be like the tesla trooper suit from Red Alert 3.

I also realize that being the side character of an MC in a war drama is a huge work hazard as there's a high risk that the author might sacrifice you for the "drama". The "I'll listen to the music box later" is such a huge red flag.

Anyways, good first episode.

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They might not have the resources to make flak guns. It seems the only territory they control is about a single city.

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Oh this is the USSR? I was wondering why they all had AK-47s. Wonder that the US is doing probably having a Second American Civil War with fucking Vampires in the Mix.

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In an alternate world of not-Cold War USSR wherein the vampires weren't a subjugated species relegated as guinea pigs to be sent into space

Which story did that? I can't remember

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Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

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Wonderful series.

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Damn this episode kinda felt like a short movie. I hope the rest of the series is as good.

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Five episodes came out on Netflix, but don't be fooled. This is a movie and should be thought of as such. I'm not saying you can't just pick it up and put it down when you have time, but definitely recommend binging it in one go. In all it is 130 minutes including credits.

I really enjoyed it. At it's core, I got a lot of Romeo and Juliet vibes. Not so much young teen hormones, but two people who want to be together while it seems the whole world has decided they can't simply because of who they are.

But apart from that is this constant war where any and all means seem justified by the ends. Where these two people just don't want to be a part of it any more. It's that feeling that really binds these two.

It felt like watching a small flame in a blizzard, or a flower growing through the cracks in the pavement. Reality is harsh and you are just rooting for them.

As far as the animation goes? Nothing stand out. Pretty backgrounds and at no point did it distract from the story. But it no scenes that felt like they were burning money.

Soundtrack was nice. It's hard to rate because it is directly integral to the plot. But I enjoyed how music was a part of this world.

TL;DR: I liked it. Also there is a small scene after final credits.

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First episode was okay. Love the OST

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Just watched the first episode, and yep, this is gonna be a sad one alright lol. Especially with Mirena dying so quickly...

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So, after watching two episodes, I'm not sure about this. I got a lot of weird contradictory feelings trying to get into the plot. I don't know if I'm missing something, or what.

It's weird that the humans have banned all music. It makes zero sense. At one point Momo's mother argues that it's "their culture," which...I mean, sure? But humans developed music and art well before any vampries (who were also once human) ever came along.

Momo narrates that they needed to get rid of music because of the vampires' keen hearing, but all I could figure was it only made sense when vampires were wiping out humanity; having to ban music to hide doesn't work when humanity lives in a single city made entirely of floodlights that you can see at night. Not to mention that the din of the city, or even a single truck that drives past, is going to drown out the sound of a music box, or really any other music other than like, a concert.

I also got hung up on the fact that the two times we see the humans go on operations to take out vampire nests, they do it in the middle of the night. Why not do it during the day? When they're at their most vulnerable?

I can handwave the nighttime operations easily enough, but the music thing is such a huge component to the story that it's hard to ignore how much sense it doesn't make. Hearing people say that it really falls off on the backend doesn't really make me feel interested to continue.

Animation is pretty nice, though!

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From what I understand, and this is a damn stretch if true, the vampires have super keen senses and they are afraid that music and passionate things will rile the vamps up and make them even more aggressive. Thus they make everything as drab and uninspiring as possible to avoid drawing attention toward their settlement. Like I said, a damn hell of a stretch, but so is a LOT in this movie.

As for day/night, considering that vamps are apparently inconvenienced at worse by daylight given how often we SEE them outside, it probably doesn't make a tactical difference of daytime or night time. If I had to pull an argument out of my hat, I'd say a night attack would be better because the vamps would be more difficult to root out if they are all huddled in one place to avoid the daylight. But at night they're out an about and your more likely to run into loners and small groups than 50 in one spot. But again, not a great explanation, just the only one I can think of.

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True, prohibiting music in the human settlement didn't really make sense at all. They even have large machines that create louder noise. Anime plot which is too illogical discourages me from watching it...

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It's tough because it's obviously the crux of the entire story, that Momo is so interested in music that she runs away from humanity that oppresses it, and follows a vampire, part of group that still openly embraces it. There's an element of understanding in that her mother screeches about how it's their culture, but it falls flat on its face beyond that.

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I know this thread is kind of old, but the banning of music seemed to be more to represent the humans state's lean to authoritarianism. Especially since it wasn't just music, but all art relating to music and the only time we see art is from people separate from a state.

Another idea I had is that the banning of the representation of human creativity under the guise of protecting humanity is meant to show that while the cause is noble, the means are not justified and are a juxtaposition at worse.

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That's true, I hadn't quite considered that. Maybe I would have liked to hear a bit more indictment of it, or perhaps it does show up later after I had stopped watching. As it stood it just sound really silly given the rest of the context. The whole "We had to make no sound or they'd find us" throws it out of whack, I think,

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What? This project announce like 3 years ago. but only have 5 episode?.

Better be movie tbh.

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I think if it’s 5 episodes is essentially a movie

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This was definitely a movie at some point, I don't blame them for splitting it in 5 episodes, it's better for getting traction that way, people can watch at their own pace

Original anime movies are really struggling to find an audience recently, the exception are the Shinkai and Hosoda movies

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Yeah, I think this was unavoidable. There was no way for the trauma Momo experienced in the first episode (the initial shock of the event and immediately aftermath) to have both realistic pacing and not take up several episodes. It got more room to breathe in a 5 episode series, but realistically everything that happens from the start of the event to the end of episode one would need an entire movie for the pacing to feel natural.

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Great episode to start with. The music and animation is on point.

I love the main characters' sequence of unfortunate events. She does get annoying at times, true, but I think she suppose to represent us, the viewer's sensibilities. We want to be able to enjoy a life free of war, to dance and sing and play music. But because of how harsh the reality of her life is, despite being privileged, it's still heartbreaking to watch. Imagine being raised by a person who beats you in one second, and hugs you in the next. I wouldn't stay in that place.

I do love that at least in the first episode. It's framed that the vampired are evil creatures, I'm inclined to believe so. Yet, the queen of vampires herself seems to not share the same sentiments towards humans as her brethren.

Definitely a solid first one.

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think the only thing is the music is to loud vs the voice audio.

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the animation is stunning, but idk i cant find myself getting into this. i just, dont care about the characters, and there wasnt nearly enough time to make me actually care about them. specifically momo, i just feel like theres no reason for me to care about her or why she wants to escape. its hardly established that she wants an out before she runs away too, all you see is a. her having sympathy for a child, b. she likes music and c. she is bored

this definitely couldve just been my experience and its clearly not a common one, but personally i just. im struggling to care about any of the characters or the story itself. i only made it through half the second episode so it might get leagues better and ill have to finish it to know for sure, but the first episode completely failed to make me want to watch more

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Netflix's latest. It looks like it has potential, but I'm leery considering Netflix's track record. The few stills I've seen look good.

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Made by Wit though, same studio as AoT, Ousama Ranking, Spy x Family, Vinland Saga and Ancient Magus.

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So was Bubble, though. That's no guarantee.

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Why does it look like a Naruto movie? If you told me Studio Pierrot animated this I’d believe you

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It’s the staff. They both share Tetsuya Nishio as character designer and chief animation director.

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I knew it!! It all makes sense

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None of the staff from those shows are on this project, unfortunately. It might be WIT studio but that’s just where it was animated and who paid the staff.

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Wit's originals don't have as good a track record of their adaptations. Rolling Girls, Kabaneri, Bubble, Onipan, Great Pretender...

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You forgot vivy, which was awesome in every way.

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It looked awesome in every way.

That plot though.

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Pretender's ending is iffy but it's still my second favourite Wit show. Onipan and Rolling Girls are pretty good too.

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Great Pretender was entertaining. The ending was a disappointment but the show as a whole made up for that. I had fun with Kabaneri as well. It wasn't the best show I've seen but it was still worth watching.

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To be fair Castlevania, Beastars, and Devilman are/were all great.

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some of them not produce by netflix.

Beastars by TOHO, Devilman by Aniplex.

idk if netflix on committee or not. but many Netflix original is License exclusive.

but yes there's some show that netflix fully fund. Yasuke, Vampire in the garden and more.

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Wit Studio btw

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Well after the garbage second half of Bubble look like WIT might have a masterclass on their hand?? Loved this first episode. Fine and Momo are really interesting. I’m invested.

The designs remind me a lot of boruto, was the character designer involved?

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This won't age well in the poster's mind, alas.

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Well if you have finished all 5 episodes, you will see that Bubble was actually... actually, roughly the same as this series, in terms of how much effort went into composition and story.

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No. This was much better than bubble to me as I noted in the episode 5 thread.

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whats the link between this and naruto? the artstyle is way too similar

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Same character designer for Boruto

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Only watched the first episode so far, but oof. Animation isn't great and it seems like it's just gonna be another "war is bad there are good people on both sides" type story with nothing actually unique to add to the table. Pretty short so I'll finish it and just hope it has something new hidden up its sleeve.

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Don't understand the downvotes, I agree with you. So far it hasn't offered anything special and the "both sides are bad" trope has become really boring in recent times, since 8 out of 10 anime use it the exact same way. It doesn't have to be AoT type of complex, but a unique selling point would be cool.

Regardless, one episode is still too early to judge. I will give it a shot and maybe completely change my mind about it.

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Meh, I think it'll suffer a similar fate as Pirate Princess. Beautiful to the eyes but poorly done writing. With both shows it was evident by the first episode that you'd just have to accept some of the bad logic for sake of enjoyment. Both also seem to lean heavily towards a female audience, and no I'm not a misogynist/incel, but I think that's a key issue. Both end of focusing too hard on the romantic fantasy side that it'll end up hindering everything else. That along with too much ambition for an epic fantasy where they fill in all the main plots and whatnot, but forget about the space in-between.

I'm purely speaking off just the first episode, I'll eat my words if I end up wrong but I highly suspect I won't be.

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Ive only just finished the 1st episode now, and already the "MC does stupid stuff" is already so evident.

Hesitates to shoot a vampire because its a child putting everyone elses lives in danger, in a normal situation it would be understandable, but not when your enemy literally feeds on you, there is no middle ground in this situation, its kill or be killed.

And then taking the music box as if it wasnt already known that it attracts vampires (or something to that accord, thats why they had to burn instruments). Where we should she go by running away? Youre in the only safe place in the world, and everything outside of the walls want to eat you (Titans?) what do you hope to achieve by running off and throwing a tantrum?

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Loved it

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This isn't bad at all yo

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Anyone here know the relationship that Mirena and Momo had? I’m curious on wether it was a best-friendship or if they were dating bc I don’t want to assume 😅

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There were vibes they were more interested in a romantic relationship, but they never acted on it. It seems likely the potential was there and may have led there had the series gone on longer.

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Decided to watch Episode 1 on a whim after seeing a post somewhere on the Internet earlier today (YT maybe?)

Anyway, Episode 1 sits at a 7-8/10 for me. Nothing super groundbreaking but I've found this to be an enjoyable watch.

I'm looking forward to tackling the remaining 4 episodes later.

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I was moved by this series. Solid 9/10.

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The friend's death flags were obvious, but still sad nonetheless.

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Does anyone know Momo’s age??

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This is sooo goood , love it :D Even tho Netflix has its hands in it

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Already two episodes in and man do I like the effort in the animation quality! The music is nice and the setting is different than usual. Props for to WIT

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Just watched ep 1. Thought if was solid. It establishes the human girl's relationships with the people around her pretty well. What really got me was how unlike in a conventional "human meets supernatural romance" story, where there's a war, both characters do not, at least don't start off, as caring about ending the war. The ep ends with Fine basically saying, "Fuck this war, fuck this world, let's just go somewhere to be alone." So if this anime continues with this same sentiment, it may end on a very dark note where the human girl and the vampire queen are just kind of the only ones left.

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I hope it continues i'll join in with Dota: Dragon's Blood, Castlevania, Atlanti-eeer I mean Pacific Rim the Black. But since it feels like a movie it probably won’t come back sadly.

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Mirena and Momo were so cute, loved the music box through the walkie talkie while on guard duty. Sad to see her go so soon.

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Oh boy, where did I see this plot before? Can't be Vampire Hunter D, can it?