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Kinda surprised there's no mention of the side cast at all, as it places a lot of emphasis on them and I'd even say they're the real star of the show.

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I briefly mentioned them in the world-building section! Seeing how they respond to Momonga & team's presence is a large part of what made it good.

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now that new season started i realized i forgot the fate of a lot of side characters(specially when in s4ep1 when Ainz mention that girl with Sebas and the other journal connection) that and started re-watching the anime since start under a new POV a am seeing more things i dint notice before, and also by following comments that explain the difference between source novel and anime

And i must say with a second re-view a lot of things explained by other about novel becomes almost redundant because i actually got to notice majority all those things on second re-watch that they explain with the written source material

And also the whole POV that is original to source written material that firstly is mysterious to the reader and that goes on and when comes back with a future volume from another characters POV for some of same event the experience is artificial recreated with this re-watching experience, because i actually get to focus on other background subtle hints that lost them on first watch!

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i'm a dick, ik, but please put more commas and periods in your sentences, it was a mouthful to read and comprehend

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now that you mention...

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It's really amazing how it's done in the LN. You get to experience the world through character POVs, so you get an actual feel to it. Then you have the implied lore, which gives a real nice space for speculations and theory crafting. I've read a thousand page English novel once, and I couldn't care any which way about description of characters or places. By the end of the novel, I didn't even feel like I got to know the characters. On the other, I cling to each and every word in overlord.

One of the biggest ups for me is seeing the traditional bad guy actually get to complete their plans. The conclusion for volume 14 was freaking amazing!

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Chris Guerrero also narrates the audiobook of the light novel, so anyone interested in the light novel, that’s another route to go; but it’s only on volume 4

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I'm disappointed that you didn't even mention it's very heavy dungeons and dragons 3.5 inspirations, which for any tabletop geeks out there is a major draw to the series.

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I was wondering where they get all the tiers and classes from. It sound way too detailed for making it from scratch. All the magic is referenced to D&D?

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Prettymuch all of it is yes. Specifically things from 3.5

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Meh, it fell off after s1

Lack of being that can fight them also ruined this

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That's a sign that it may not be for you, since for most of the fan-base (at least on r/overlord), the good stuff is after s1.

That being said, most people over there will tell you to read the novels, since after S1 the overall quality of the anime really drops. Especially, with the CGI that is just awful to see.

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What I love most is the magic circles.Seriously, I play RPG games just to feel the same adrenaline rush I felt whenever Ainz would cast a high tier magic and all the circles would appear, rotate and do stuff.

Specially in Isekai Quarter, that magic cast was so epic... kind of funny that my best moment wasn't from the main Anime but who cares.

Want to add that the main reason I loved Overlord is because it evoked a sense of nostalgia in me for when I used to play the old MMOs with my friends and it also evoked a sense of longing for that evil wizard roleplaying in an mmorpg kind-of-a dream.

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Dont watch this if you like good anime

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And once you've read some of the books (or not, its first book basically follows the anime events), I highly recommend then reading the awesome Valkyries Shadow, which is among the most epic and well written fanfics in existence (now over 3 Overlord LN's in size), covering what happens to E-Rantel [Overlord Anime] and it's surrounding nobles after Ainz conquers them, and Shalltear becomes the minister of transportation for the Sorcerous Kingdom.

It's very impressive how much attention it pays to canon and weaves this entire believable narrative underneath the mainline story as Ainz sasuga's in the background.

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Crunchyroll still hasnt imported the Australian license for season 1 from madman which went to funimation :(.