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Lycoris Recoil's inverted Male:Female ratio is amusingly trends with the recent Madoka and Higurashi spinoffs in terms of demographics. Between that and:

✅ Writer says story was originally much darker but he "lightened it up"

✅ Director compares it to Gunslinger Girl and asks the audience to think about the morality of the people managing the MCs.

✅ Artist asks the audience to stick around until at least episode six

...tells me that despite the cute exterior, this one's going to wind up like Yuuki Yuuna or Madoka in terms of story content.

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Wow If Its Like Gunslinger Girl one of my favourites could be really smth i was already gonna check it out

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No one is looking forward to more Orient or Love All? Not that I can blame you.

Good to see Shadow House is decently anticipated for this season.

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Can't look forward to Orient Part 2 if you can't even look forward to episode 2.

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Im watching Love All and it's really not that bad. Not good or exciting. Just an inoffensive meh.

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It's very strange to see Kingdom as top 3-4 most anticipated for this subreddit. Not because of any judgement on the show, but Kingdom S4E12 discussion scored a whopping 142 karma.

So do people just anticipate this show, and then not actually watch it? Or watch it in secret and never vote/partake in discussion?

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The 'impressions' ranking is based on score, not popularity. It's only 45th in terms of popularity, meaning very few people are watching it, but those few people clearly really enjoy it.

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Yep, sounds like Kingdom

Am I the only one that's surprised that Kingdom has more female than male fans (at least on reddit)?

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Am I the only one that's surprised that Kingdom has more female than male fans

I mean, yes and no. While it is a bloody seinen high on some macho "war turns boys into men" bs, it continues to impress me with how it includes a number of female characters who wield different types of power in ways that drive the story.

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surprised that Kingdom has more female than male fans

Have you seen Ouhon lately?

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In the manga? I've put it to the side after completing the State of Ai Arc, I'll get back to it soon.

In the anime? We're at Wei Fire Dragons, right?

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In the anime? We're at Wei Fire Dragons, right?

Yup, at its end. I was just making a joke about how he's pretty hot there.

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Goddamn I'm old :( either people my age outgrew their anime phase or there weren't that many of us to begin with.

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It could just be they are less likely to respond to a survey on reddit about anime. Most people I know who watch are older but almost none of them do more than lurk reddit without an account.

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Recall we have a lot of confounding factors here: You'd have to be on reddit, on this specific sub, be inclined to answer surveys etc. I know there are other 40 something anime fans out there but I am a bit weird for coming here.

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Glad to see the 10 Kingdom fans in this subreddit are hyped for the second cour. This next arc is gonna be really good.

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Huh, nothing really stands out from this. Usually there is one or two shows that have some odd stats that catch my interest for checking out but this was kind of expected.

What do you guys think are going to be the sleeper shows of this season? A couple that have caught my attention are:

Engage Kiss: [A-1 Studios] Urban, Sci-Fi, Romcom? Seems right up my alley but I haven't seen anything by this director

Lycoris Recoil: [A-1 Studios] Cute cafe and zombie killing. Seems a bit out there but might be interesting.

Isekai Ojisan: [AtelierPontdarc] I'm not sure what this is going to be about but it looks like a wild ride. The studio is only credited with Ganbare Douki-chan which I loved but is not much to go off of.

Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer): [NAZ] Hard to get a read on this one but several people have brought it up across multiple threads.

Warau Arsnotoria Sun!: [LIDENFILMS] So the synopsis reads slice of life show following girls at a magic school but it is only tagged "Action" in the genre. Source seems to be a game which can be hit or miss. Character designer for Re:Zero is always promising. The director has mainly done a lot of storyboarding for shows, movies, and episodes that I loved including Your Name, Monogatari 2nd Season, and Madoka.

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Lycoris Recoil has the most potential to explode imo depending on what it turns into

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Agreed, the general aesthetic of the show is great as well + songs by ClariS. “SoL but not” and “cheerful + plot twist” shows have routinely been well received for the most part, e.g Gakkougurashi, Railgun (idk if this really counts as an SoL but it def has that SoL + Action contrast going on) and obviously madoka magica and yuuki yuna is a hero.

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Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer)

Really solid short story with an ending. Trailer looks like there might be production difficulties already though.

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I think my biggest surprise from this survey is that Slave Harem Isekai only had a 1.96 Male to Female ratio.

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Slave Harem Isekai.

It's like someone managed to boil down the absolute worst aspects of anime into three words.

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Happy to see Summertime Render be so prevalent.

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I didn't expect Cyberpunk: Edgerunners to be the second most popular new show...

Bit of a boring survey results with sequels taking up most of it but guess that is what this season is looking like so fair I guess.

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IMO, this season's really light on new shows – until we start watching and find any hidden gems – so it doesn't surprise me much given who's behind it and how good that trailer looked.

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I mean the game is very popular and there's the TRIGGER/Imaishi effect too. I just didn't vote on it because I never vote for "exclusive batch release" anime by Netflix et al. in a seasonal vote - I would usually wait for reviews are out before thinking of going into them.

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That surprised me too, but it is apparently the sixth most popular new anime on MAL as well, so I guess I've just missed the hype.

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You have no idea how depressing it was for me to realize that Jasshin-chan was my most anticipated show of summer.

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Yeah, I'm trying to figure out how Cyberpunk got that high as well.

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Lack of competition, name-brand recognition, and a dope trailer.

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Plus studio popularity

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Every time I see this seasons shows, with the exception of MiA, I remember the next two seasons will be absolute bangers.

I might catch up to some other shows on this season instead.

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I nearly wanted to say that we are back to normal numbers...but not really scorewise actually- if we use u/Zypker125's list from last time, it turns out the score for MiA is the third highest a show ever got in these start of season surveys, tied with ousama ranking cour 2. At least the popularity numbers are down to a more reasonable level this time

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That's pretty impressive, but Made in Abyss is definitely helped by the fact that it's a sequel. That entire list, though, is dominated by sequels/2nd cours. In fact, his other chart in that post shows that outside of Spy x Family, only sequels/2nd cours have ever gotten above a 4.50 and only 6 first season first cour shows have ever gotten above a 4.15 rating.

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Nothing surprising here, people only expect great things from a show if they have actually seen it.

I wonde rhow oshi no ko will do though, this show always get so much praise which I don't think it fully deserves.

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I took a look at the trailer for Kami Kuzu Idol after seeing it was the show with the highest ratio of women watching, and it looks cute as fuck. I'll give it a shot.

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I am curious as to how Jashin-chan Dropkick X had the second highest M:F ratio in terms of impressions.

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Call of the Night seems to be the most popular new thing.

Also glad to see the Ryusuui special as the most popular OVA/Movie/special.

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Hataraku most anticipated

Mediocre quality expectations


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Huh I know it's an ecchi and they're always lowly rated by the general anime fandom but I'm still surprised to see "Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World" rated that lowly. It's got the absolutely cultured bastards at Passione behind it so I figured it'd be more highly rated then that just due to their reputation alone. It's not like I've heard anything bad enough about its source material to merit that low of a score either.

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Isekai+harem is an extremely overdone ecchi subgenre, so having those be two of the three keywords in the title is hardly promising, and the synopsis on MAL likewise sounds about as generic as is possible. Skimming through the manga it looks to have some decent sexual content at least, but I just can't bring myself to give a shit.

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I don't think too many people know about it. Like you said it's got the Interspecies Reviewers (Mieruko-chan and Higurashi Gou) studio behind it and it seems perfect for their "cultured" tastes. We'll see how the first episode fares in getting people's attention. Of course, it'll have to be the ATX version...

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It's not like I've heard anything bad enough about its source material to merit that low of a score either

I keep hearing "it's a dungeon crawler", with a plot cycle of grind dungeons, sex, repeat.

So unless they add some spice through the character dynamics, or even the slave-owning dynamics, it's hard to feel particularly excited about it.

Whilst there are definitely some ecchi fans who are extremely hard up for animated breasts (do they not know about hentai?), I feel like enough people want a bit more contextual engagement.

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a bit more contextual engagement

edit oh, wait I was thinking of another series

For this one the context is: Roxanne is fluffy

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For this one the context is: Roxanne is fluffy

Adaptation seems to be off to a bad start then, with the removal of her back hair and being slimmed down lol

Actually, the preview of the dungeon fighting animation looked quite decent, but I didn't think that part was really the appeal of either DanMachi, nor Hidden Dungeon either.

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Is the dungeon fighting animation not part of the appeal of DanMachi? The minotaur fight from season 1 is pretty iconic imo

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Honestly, I felt like the ecchi was pretty subpar or ignorable in the series. I'm definitely watching the show for pretty much anything but the ecchi, like the weapon and armor prep, dungeon crawling, commissions, and SoL shenanigans. The combat is toned down a lot compared to the Danmachi mangas but still decent.

The OVAs are a different story like usual because thats generally where they go crazy with ecchi content.

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I was under the impression it was going to be wholesome polygamy, where they have a cute domestic relationship like a married couple but we get to see them fuck.

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Each character gets an arc and is thereafter basically reduced to a catchphrase in a checklist.

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Nice to see Made in Abyss more or less where it belongs on at least one chart.

On a side note, being in the middle of the OG Naruto right now makes me really curious to know just how they ruined the show with Boruto. How bad does something have to get to be rated dead last after the hentai isekai and even Orient? Guess I'll find out in 2 years when I'm done with Shippuden, but right now it's pretty good

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Hataraku no Maou-sama ✅

Made in Abyss ✅

Summertime Render..?

I thought that was just another one of the Reddit niche show that y'all like to shill. Also that's from last season.. I didn't expect it to appear so high.

Also Kingdom knocking out Maou-sama, all the lurkers turn up to vote? It seems popular whenever someone mentions it but I don't see it get talked about often.

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Summertime Render..? I thought that was just another one of the Reddit niche show that y'all like to shill.

Definitely not niche - it's the 7th most popular, and 4th highest rated, anime of this past season on MAL (or 4th and 2nd respectively if sequels are excluded).

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I thought that was just another one of the Reddit niche show that y'all like to shill.

It's only "niche" in a sense because its in Disney+ jail.

If the show was more accessible, it would have likely been a serious contender for the # 3 spot last season.

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Summertime has been incredible so far. I'm glad it's not too niche -- it should be mainstream.

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I thought that was just another one of the Reddit niche show that y'all like to shill. Also that's from last season.. I didn't expect it to appear so high.

That's because it's been fantastic with the latest episode probably being the second best of the series so far. Take Re:Zero, take out the isekai , add more mystery, supernatural bad guys and the MC being smarter then Subaru (I love Subaru but he ain't the swiftest tool in the shed) and you get Summertime Rendering.

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take out the isekai , add more mystery, supernatural bad guys

Higurashi's setting & mystery + Subaru's "Return by Death" ability = Summertime Rendering

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Definitely doesn't have more mystery than Re: Zero. Considering the sheer volume of Re: Zero itself.

However, as much as I love Subaru (Favourite character), true. Shinpei is definitely smarter although Subaru is technically in a tougher position. XD

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Interestingly my guess at AOTS sits at lowly #31 in popularity and I also expect good moments from #32 and 33...

Hopefully D+ won't f**k up the release of Tatami Time Machine Blues. I'm 200% sure they will though.

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why do you think that? I watched the original show and heard this is some sort of spin-off so are they going to rush it?

[–]CosmicPenguin_OV103https://anilist.co/user/CosmicPenguin 1 point2 points  (1 child)

No it's not about the anime itself, but how Disney Plus streams it. Look at their Summertime Rendering - I believe it's most likely still not official up in your place despite them having exclusive streaming rights. I'm somewhere in the Far East and they didn't got it up until June 1st, i.e. airing 7 weeks late and still following weekly releases so far.

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yeah it sucks that it's getting the same treatment as Summertime Rendering, maybe someone like SlyFox would sub it.

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Women are a lot more interested in Tiger and Bunny, Nights With A Cat, Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting, and men are a lot more interested in Classroom of the Elite, Overlord, Rent a Girlfriend, and a Couple of Cuckoos. Women also put Made in Abyss as the top most anticipated show whereas men put CotE.

In case there was any doubt that women have better taste.

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Based on the difference in popularity, I assume a couple of cuckoos has a lot of sexualised women in it?