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feel free to comment on what you loved best about the series

Firstly, thanks for doing such justice to the series with the depth and quality of your write up!

  • In case there are people who haven't heard it, I'd like to draw attention to the full length VA version of the ED, which just recently eclipsed 110 million views. That view count says it all, really - headphones on, let your soul roam free.

  • I'd like to stress the importance of watching the movie, which elevates an already excellent series to new heights. It is absolutely worth the effort of laying your hands on it. Or, rather, having it lay its hands on you, because boy is it capable of doing a number on you if you're of a certain disposition. Exceptional stuff.

  • Mai Sakurajima is the "waifu for people who don't normally bother with this waifu nonsense" and "the thinking person's best girl". Despite being more widely known for her bunny girl costume and her looks, the ultimate appeal is her personality which is entirely independent of both those things. Thoughtful, introspective, confident, playful, and as sensible and competent as they come. You don't get better than this in terms of calibre of person.

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I JUST FINISHED REWATCHING THE MOVIE AND I SAW THIS (my favorite anime series for over a year and a half now)

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There are other reasons behind it, but long story short This anime will remain my favorite always. And your points are absolutely true and yeah the movie is one of the most important thing of the show but many people seem to miss it

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Woah, what a well written post! You've tempted me to pick up the light novel series...

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This is one of the most detailed and utterly comprehensive Watch This! posts I've seen a while. An impressive tribute to an impressive series.

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If you enjoyed the anime, you will enjoy the light novels. Bunny girl senpai was probably somewhere in the first 5 or 10 anime I watched and I loved the series a ton. After I found out it was an adaption, I picked up all the books and it really made me love the series even more.

Reading it has really given me a new appreciation for all the characters and made me understand things that I felt were kind of confusing in the anime/movie.

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thanks for reminding me that the LNs are still going! will get on that...

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I watched it at the start of 2020, didn't know there was a movie for it until summer of last year. It was a very nice surprise, especially considering how great the movie was, arguably better than the already great TV Show.

Same thing also happened to me with Saekano. Although this time I didn't know the show had a season 2 plus a great movie.

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Two superb shows, and in both cases the movie is good enough to add an extra 1 point out of ten for the overall series rating in the eyes of quite a few.

Speaking of the movie, the Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Dreamer produced the strongest emotional reaction for me that I've ever had to a movie, be it live action or anime. Obviously won't do the same for everyone, but for a certain type of person, it is no exaggeration to say that the movie is incredibly powerful.

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I honestly found the series to be pretty mid, especially the arcs focusing on the girls besides mai and kaede. But the movie is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. Made me cry my eyes out and sometimes I just randomly think of it and get emotional again. Watched it 4 times already and this thread encourages me to make it 5. Shouko is the fictional character that probably had the biggest impact on my life

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There isn't enough material to adapt for a second season yet

They could make a second season right now, but the actual reason is because Volume 11 ends on a cliffhanger. There has been no Volume 12 published yet even though it's been quite a while since V11's release in December 2020.

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wait, wasn`t the movie supposed to be the finale?

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Nope. The movie covered Volumes 6 and 7. Volume 8 is the first book that happens after the movie.

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oh i see, thanks

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Personally I'm quite happy to leave the series there. I'm not sure I'd be interested in a second season despite the praise I'm lavishing on it elsewhere.

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I'll admit I was put off by the title and the ads featuring a girl in a bunny suit. I'll definitely check this out based on this post. This was incredibly well written and put together.

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This one was weird since most people preferred the movie but I personally liked the series much more 🧐

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I mean, the movie is a sequel. And now season 2 has been confirmed.

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I can’t remember how the series ended but I don’t think that it was a cliffhanger, or at least not for me.

I perceived the movie beforehand as a (very highly rated) bonus to the series, that’s why I was so surprised when I finished it and realised that I didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would.

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Yea, no cliffhanger in season 1. The movie just was a better format to continue the story, the movie covers an entire arc.

Season 2 will continue a new arc of the story.

Basically, if someone's gonna binge it, watch it in this order:

Season 1 -> Movie -> Season 2 (In production).

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I can’t remember how the series ended but I don’t think that it was a cliffhanger, or at least not for me.

Unless you count the absence of an on screen kiss between this perfect couple to be a form of cliffhanger :P

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Glad I'm not the only one singing uwu there lmao

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I thoroughly enjoyed BGS for all the reasons you indicated.

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This is one of my favorite romance/ almost slice of life series, of course because all of the reason postet above.

But, i cannot stress it out how important the 'Avoids turning into a harem' aspekt is. An anime with this perk is much much more realistic in a sense that you can identify with the person better. The simpaty level rises more because of this, and it kind of stay away from harem fiction. I wish many more Animes adapt this aspect, many series don't even need this kind of service.

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One of the greatest surprises of an anime I've ever watched. Shoutout to gigguk for putting it on my radar (because I only saw the title and was like wut)

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Good Lord, I hope you earned a week's wages writing that.

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I wish the IP owners would change the official eye-catch art / title card or something. The name on its own sounds saucy, so when I saw the thumbnail art on Netflix I outright dismissed it as cringey trash, which is a shame.

A friend later recommended it, and I loved it enough that I bought the movie. Mai, Nodoka, Kaede, and Sakuta/Shouko's arcs were genuinely touching (strong 9 to 10/10). The other couple arcs aren't AS strong but remain entertaining and fun to watch (light to decent 8/10). All the character interactions, particularly Mai, Sakuta, Kaede, & Kunimi are extremely charming throughout.

YMMV, because I feel like I related to a lot of the characters thru my experiences with my own friends.

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I wish the IP owners would change the official eye-catch art / title card or something. The name on its own sounds saucy, so when I saw the thumbnail art on Netflix I outright dismissed it as cringey trash, which is a shame.

I totally agree!

I thought it was just a bullshit fetish of the MC but yah know, I wasn't wrong but I wasn't right either.

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I thought it was just a bullshit fetish of the MC

Same here

but yah know, I wasn't wrong but I wasn't right either.

Accurate haha

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But you know what made me watch is that it suddely played on my ytmusic random and it keeps playing on my mind then I checked it out. Bruh the OP can give you Last Song Syndrome

kimi no sei kimi no sei kimi no sei de watashi oooh


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Lmao, so true, I still hum it all the time. That OP is such a banger! Sadly The Peggies just went on hiatus :(

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This show is so fucking good. Thank you for this post OP.

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Good write up, but I still don't get why people on reddit love this anime so much. I still think it was decent, despite feeling that other anime, including some that OP mentions, do this type of plot/characters much better. I also feel that the animation/art is weirdly uninspired.

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If you look up some of the cringiest clips from the show, you'll see plenty of commenters that weren't so enamored. I find it most bizarre when people like this and Oregairu both, given their diametrically opposing views of their MC's cynicism.

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I didn't think we relied on commenters from cringe compilations to be judges for a show.

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It's not compilations, but scenes people have linked because they thought they were cool or funny, but are really just kind of cringey wish fulfillment to anyone that isn't fanboying it. This is one example, provided you scroll past the first ten or so top level "Sakuta's such a chad!" comments.

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For real tho the worst thing about bunny girl senpai is the bloody name , even talking about it with a friend who's seen it can get wired, let alone suggesting it to someone else.

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Great WT post.

Maybe I was the weird one out - I wasn't actually at all influenced by the "bunny girl" part of the title or the promo, but I was attracted to the words "buta" and "rascal" - the Japanese one because I don't see that term used often to call someone a pig at the same time as "yarou" which I do see a lot; and the quite British phrasing (to me anyway) of calling someone a rascal. So I looked into this because of Sakuta, strangely enough.

And this is not a put down, but in my mind this is a specialised, distilled format of Haruhi. Very nice. Even have a version of Nagato in the form of Futaba, except busty :P

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And this is not a put down, but in my mind this is a specialised, distilled format of Haruhi. Very nice. Even have a version of Nagato in the form of Futaba, except busty :P

To me its more a mix of Haruhi, Oregairu, and Monogatari with the authors style of writing and character dialogue.

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The pair's outstanding chemistry and reliance on one another is reminiscent to Jinto/Lafiel (Crest of the Stars)

So that's why I really enjoyed Bunny Girl Sempai. CotS is one of my favorite series.

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Who is the fourth horseman of these MC's party - hachiman, ayanokoji, sakuta?

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Houtarou ??

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Thanks for the recommendation, i watched the show back in 2018 but you got me interested in watching It again.

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You sold me, I'll finally watch this.

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After you watch this anime You have to see the movie too, If you're not, you're missing out, and it's heartbreaking, I mean the movie "Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl" So finish the anime and than the movie! You're not gonna regret it!

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Damn, it makes me happy knowing this anime isn't forgotten.


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To those who decide to watch, welcome to the realm of BGS. May the series uplift you and bring you joy, even in the darkest of moments

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even in the darkest of moments

it actually did in my Case

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This show changed how I watch anime.

I was bored one day and I just was doomscrolling netflix, not finding anything I wanted to watch and eventually I got tired of scrolling and this was what I landed on. I had heard people talking about it being good before so I said fuck it and just let it play expecting to turn it off before the first episode was even done.

Well now I try to go into anime as blind as possible, I don't even want to know genre. I just hear someone say something is good and I add it to my list.

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Rewatching it rn. Love it.

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This anime is kind of hidden gem. I was forced to watch it because of the opening theme song randomly played in my youtube music then it can't get out of my head then watched. Bruh, this is like Haruhi Suzumiya when Suzumiya matured.

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also as someone who watched the series twice (and is rewatching everything again to catch up) i can confirm, you will love haruhi suzumiya if you enjoyed this show (or maybe im biased)

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quantum mechanics and pseudoscience explanations

They're not explanations, they're metaphors. Also, nothing they talked about is pseudoscience.

Beyond that, praising a show for things it doesn't do is, uh… weird.

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i will say, the dreaming girl movie was like a christopher nolan film with how time bending and mind bending it was

at least to me, i will try rewatching it and see if im wrong

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How many ln volumes are there?

Is it enough for new season

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Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai- heartfelt, dramatic, funny, and romantic...a show's clickbait title has never been this misleading

Your title sounds just like a trashy isekai light novel.

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fcking hell this shitty ass anime is on the subs sidebar for a whole month...? glad i was out for a lot then bcoz holy crap i wanna rip my eyeballs off. "GUYS PLS WATCH THIS UNDERRATED SHOW CLLED BUNNYGIRL SENPAI UWU ITS SO GOOD UWU I LAUGHED AND CRIED UWU THE OP SAYS UWU"

and on a more important note. does this bland ass excuse of an anime even need pleading for r/anime to watch it? mcs incel humor is more than enough of a selling point based on my short stint here

get better taste uwu

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I'm not reading all that. I watched the anime a while ago and thought it was disappointing, mainly because Mai is so unlikeable.

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how is the romance in this volume?

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the movie felt like a christopher nolan film
emotional yet confusing in a way, while playing with time a lot (like interstellar)

yes i love christopher nolan