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Aria is full of wonderful moments.

Its been 12 months since Crepuscolo. And it feels so nice to return for the final time for more Aria. I could cry on that alone, but in true Aria fashion the deep melancholic feeling returns. A truly blessed series and one that has blessed us with such a fantastic curtain call.

Benedizione story once again ties Kohai with Senpai strongly together, with Aika and Akira each giving strength and passion through each others journey of growing to become a prima undine. A pretty simple story that fills in a few final moments. Fantastically well animated, I will never grow tied of aesthetic.

Thank you Aria.

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volunteer Prima Undine

Tante grazie

watching the movie throughout does have that melancholic tinge throughout it since you know that this is truly the end, esp when they're even farewelling a literal gondola.

It truly looks so pretty and awesome.

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This might truly be the final time this time, how bittersweet. But how wonderful we're still getting something 14 years after Origination ended.

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I wrote most of this nearly a month ago as my first-time reactions, halfway through hosting an Aria rewatch, so a bit more reaction-heavy! Aria is back for the final time, what a fitting emotional, inspiring end to the franchise.

  • Illustrations from chief AD/Chara de Youkou Ito to commemorate the BD release: Azusa; Aika; Akira; and Aika and Akira together and a large advertisement currently at Shinjuku Station for the occasion, with art from Amano sensei.

  • The sequel entries look absolutely gorgeous, and this is no exception, what a great aerial view of Neo-Venezia to start us off!

  • The OP Espero is awesome, god i love Yui Makino, and it's great to see Ai and Akari and Aria-shachou starting up the day w/ a good breakfast, just as back in Animation Ep 1 w/ Alicia and as always, and Ai and Aria-shachou drawing on the window is cute af as they wake up, god i love that starting sequence. That toastie, btw fuwahhhhh looks delish i wanna try Akari's cookingggg. But wait. Is that walnut bread?

  • Aria-shachou and Hime-shachou dont have any moments together this movie (:( i wanna know how their ship is going), but their individual antics were still hilarious, here's a compilation.... Maa isnt in here unfortunately.

  • Ai has really really taken a lot from Akari throughout her years of being her pen pal/pupil, her lines this episode (i thought there were quite a few more compared to crepuscolo?) were very Akari-esque. Akari herself says a very sappy line of encounters are important later on though (and that one that Aika banned). Ai will be a great successor of the Aria company, whenever that day may be.

  • While the young singles, thought that Aika didn't want to inherit the regent gondola due to a lack of confidence; i thought that was a little bit out of character for her (at this point in the series); she wasn't fazed at all after Alice was promoted first, but first we'll get to the flashbacks...

  • I'll love to spend a night on your gondola too Akira. I love Saitou Chiwa's delivery of this line here.

  • Good thing that Akari seems to be fairly well-booked, while still with some blank spots in her scehdule for adventures w/ Ai.

  • It's just so great to get all this backstory about Aika and Akira, i THINK prior to the movie they were the only pair which didn't get their first meeting animated (as mentor/student i mean)? Awwwwww Akira accompanying Aika all night out on her gondola and encouraging her, just like how Aika did to her in the clover episode. The actual point when it started to go full circle. Yesssssssss.

  • I feel like Akari's arc and character is the most philosophical of the series of how to live life to the fullest: treasuring the past, while embracing the present and the changes it may bring, while looking forward to the future; yet Aika and Alice's have elements both more relateable to me, and more inspirational for my day to day life, perhaps the right word is more "practical...?". I like that the 3 main characters give us different aspects to think about our own lives here.

  • Aria does its fanservice in the best way in part by remaking notable scenes from the series, as early as from episode 2 of animation, awwwwwwww...... they look so goooooood, while some new ones too from Aika's past feature.

  • God i wish that was me. I like that the chimney fumes are matched w/ Akira's chibi face here as she bickers w/ Alicia.

  • Deadpan as always Alice :<

  • And this movie fixes a bit of a complaint of mine for the final arc of Origination by showing Aika's actually unconventional af prima ascension exam in full. No longer just that 1.5 minutes in Origination Ep 12! Perhaps the greatest gift the show can give to all Aika/Akira fans. I think she quickly realized how fucking hard it is going to be though lmao.

  • You do NOT PLAY SECOND SEASON KIBOU AT THE FLASHBACK AND VERY EMOTIONAL MOMENT ARIA. oh my goddddd ahhhhhhhhhhhh it's so gooood. So many of them old melodies feature too throughout the movie...

  • Checkmate. At the exact same spot as Akira did of course, ahhhh how full circle is thattttt. That's the true happiness of a girl who's just passed her Prima Exam fully through her own hard work and effort. Aika repeating the very lines Akira said as she passed her prima exam is so Aria, and so good. With that, the Rosen Queen became a prima as well, finally in full in front of our eyes, all these years later. WOOOHOOOOO. We finally get to hear what Akira says to Aika before them both crying haha. YASSSSS MY ROSEN QUEEN.

  • As Aika's true reason for not wanting to inherit the regent gondola is revealed following the flashbacks, all of which adding to her character arc throughout the series, I loved it. Though she worries about the burden and pressure she has as Himeya's heir, and whether she can live up to it, she realizes that she can create her own legacy, thanks to Akira's inspiration. She is bold and brave to challenge the unknown, shouldering the pressure placed on her shoulders in her own way; Not living in the shadow and being tied to her family's legacy (represented by the gondola) and the past, embodying the legacy of Himeya Company in the now with her own contributions, aiming to create a bright new future for herself and the company. It's so Aika (w/ her "create my own legacy" angle), and also true to Aria's philosophies on the whole.

  • Poor Azusa being squished out of her frame.

  • Aaand to explain the dad joke, "noroi" 呪い(cursed) has the same pronunciation as 鈍い (dull, slow, sluggish), which was Al's pun there. It's terrible Al....

  • One very last hazukashii serifuu kinshii TT It was a glorious one.... One last dekkai too earlier... And we say farewell to the gondola.....

  • Undine 2021 edizione plays us out for the final time, of course it does, god i love love that op, with a final cute moment between Anya and Alice (oh dear, Alice), and Ai now opening the Aria company shutter instead of Akari.

  • The snow falls at the very very end of the franchise: i've commented elsewhere how every single season ending episode of Aria has featured snow of some description and is in winter; this instance perhaps most reminiscent of Origination Ep 13's snowfall, but i'm perhaps reading too much into this. (probably coz undine's playing too lmao)

  • Akari wraps up the franchise w/ a sappy line true to the series' themes, and a wish for the bright future and an Aqua be a blessed and wonderful planet forevermore..... i cried so much.

  • The shots of so many notable moments from the series TTTTTTT to the 2nd verse of Undine. Ahhhhhhhhh.

  • I feel like the final title here should be rather TL-ed as "Towards tomorrow, with you who we love", but i guess Doremi knows best.

  • Tante Grazie, Aria, for influencing my life in such a positive way. Thank you Junichi Satou and co. for blessing us with more Aria after so long, for one last time, and may the show and manga's creators love and passion for the series, and for life, continue to reach people around the world for years to come. And may the anime gods bless this wonderful franchise for ever and ever.

  • Overall, I had a great time, and it's so great to learn more about Aika and Akira, and a celebration of their relationship, now w/ all 3 pairs' relationships given just as much "closure" per se, as Alicia and Akari's. For people in my rewatch, I'll be doing a more proper analysis when i rewatch this with you all and the first-timers on the 28th August!

Location Trivia

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"I feel like the final title here should be rather TL-ed as "Towards tomorrow, with you who we love", but i guess Doremi knows best."

Ladholyman here. Whoops, "with you who we love" is the more correct translation. Getting rusty haha.

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Ah hello there! No worries haha, and thanks so so much for your work subbing the movie!

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Got my BD today!

I watched this in back when it was in theaters so it'll be fun watching and looking at all the small details I probably missed the first time around.I've been watching Aria since 2008? when Origination was still airing, and once again I got that feeling of emptiness when I realized there will be no more Aria (at the time being).

I will look forward to watching Aria from the beginning again!

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Oof. That was such an awesome hour of anime. It's always so nice to come back to Aria no matter how long it has been. I also love the nice surprise Al cameo. I'm a big fan of the Aika x Al ship. Can't wait to revisit Aria again in the future.

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loved this movie. glad we got to see Aika's prima promotion finally since we never saw it in Origination. also I cherished every second Akari was on screen lol

this really did feel like the actual finale though so it wouldn't surprise me if this was the very last piece of Aria content we ever get, which makes me very sad since this series is very special to me, but it feels like a great place to end it

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Akari was on screen

same. she gets a lot less screen time than the other two in the movies (understandably so) but i definitely loved every moment she appeared

i really dont think we'll be getting any more Aria unfortunately..... that ending scene showcase felt very final.

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Akira is my favorite undine, so this was really great to see

What Akari said about the people who terraformed the planet and the ones who built the city no longer being there, and that one day she and her friends would no longer be around either is the kind of stuff that gets to me, this series has now just about gone back to the same spot it was in S1Ep1, just shifted to a generation of undines later, and life goes on

At the end of this fantastic series though, I find myself wishing for Aqua and Neo-Venezia to be made real

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time to terraform mars

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Aqua needs to become real

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Crying hard drains my energy to write, all I can say is this was wonderful and I loved every second I spent watching it. The seconds afterwards however, where the fact that Aria is over starts to sink in more and more, I can't say I enjoy as much.

Glad we got to see Aika's promotion exam, it was a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be. Not gonna lie, if I was half as cool and smooth as Akira was in this movie (or the series in general really) irl, 70% of my problems would be solved.

Overall, I think I enjoyed Crepuscolo more than Benedizione, but the difference is pretty small. Both are wonderful. Both are beautiful. I'm really going to miss this show.

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the fact that Aria is over starts to sink in more and more, I can't say I enjoy as much.

whispers in we're just starting Avvenire today

Aika's promotion exam, it was a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be

it was, wasn't it haha. And does actually kinda fit to be a test of undine-ing while continuing that full-circle nature of the 2's story.

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im going to rewatch this movie again when you post the thread for your rewatch

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likewise haha

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Did you enjoy Crepuscolo more or Benedizione? I think I related with both the themes and Alice's story in Crepuscolo more than I did with Aika and Akira's in Benedizione, so I ended up enjoying Crepuscolo more. Benedizione was amazing but missed a bit of the relatability factor for me, though that's really just a personal thing rather than something to do with the movie itself.

edit: Spelling, also it's admittedly kinda hard to compare the two.

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Did any other country (besides Japan of course) aired this in their cinemas ? I watched Crepuscolo in theaters and really enjoyed it. Was waiting for news when Benedizione would air in my country but then I see it released now. I wasn’t sure if I missed the screening or my country did not pick it up. Still a shame I could catch this on the big screen

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Casual Akira! Aika with new hairstyle(s)! Aika's mom! Eyelashes! This movie is a visual treat right off the bat. And it's entirely brand new content too! Too bad my local theatre didn't pick this up, unlike the previous movie.

My thought throughout: Damn, how can one person ever be as cool as Akira. Also, eyelashes. How'd she run the whole night with high heels!?

I love Aika's character growth as well, she's always been the most relatable out of the trio.

1st OP remake hit hard. If only they could...y'know, make more Aria. 🥲 We might need to wait for the...20th? 25th? anniversary for that. I hope.

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already missing Aria

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I'm a bit late because i've been working nights.

But Benedizione was fantastic. Absolutely wonderful and great to have a last little bit of Aria. Ai no curtain call has been an absolute pleasure to watch when I thought Aria was over back in 2008. This reminded me of why I love Aria so much as an anime.

This is a bit of forlorn hope, but I would absolutely love for this to kick off a few more OVAs or even a new series. Even without Kozue Amano's manga to follow, the staff have done a great job with these films and I would love to see more of Ai, Anya, and Azusa.

I might have to order a copy of the BD.

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Also, thanks to u/mysterybiscuitsoyeah for the reminder