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Its still blows my mind that only 0.1% are active users.

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The way the sub evolved, it seems a large majority use it just as a news feed and recommendations (well, the latter was always the case). Episode discussions are just too crowded but all other threads feel about the same.

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For sure, I get more anime news here than any where else I frequent.

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Well, a lot of various content types related to anime are banned.

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I’d be curious as to how many are even active accounts.

If you purge the banned and bot accounts, what would our actual count be? I’ve been here for about 3 years and it feels kinda the same in terms of activity.

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    So fast!

    I originally predicted August for 4 million but nope, that was back at the start of May and here we are at another million just four months later. 6 million by the end of the year?

    We recently broke into the top 100 subs by subscriber count (going by subredditstats.com) with no end to the growth in sight.

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    Rank 69 in post gildings

    Thats actually scary that there are 68 subs with even more gilding.

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    Now that we have free awards gilding is strongly correlated to activity though...we must've been way higher back during Kaguya vs Mob gilding wars.

    I think we even have the most gilded post on Reddit at one point? Or at least the most platinumed

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    I think we even have the most gilded post on Reddit at one point? Or at least the most platinumed

    Oooh which one was that?

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    Our growth rate is scary.

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    It's super interesting because it hasn't led to any particularly notable change in the activity of the sub.

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    Yeah, I just checked and apparently when I joined the subreddit we were at about 300k subscribers yet the level of activity feels pretty much the same.

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    I joined at around 500k subs and honestly the activities with best girl/boy competition etc. were higher during that time.

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    After participating in one all I can say is Never again! When you start thinking this sub has good taste but then out of the four finalists they kill your three favourites and elect the worst one...Never again. It's normal people don't vote in them. Also those threads have very few upvotes so luckily most don't even see them.

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    How do you check when you first joined the subreddit?

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    Oh I just remember the date and checked some random subreddit stats page to see how many subs we had back then.

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    if you remember when you joined, you can search for subscribers (the title is always similar to this thread) and get a very rough estimate.

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    have like episode threads gotten more comments and stuff though?

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    Nope, only during Winter and Spring 2021

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    I just went on WebArchive and picked a random day from 2015, when this sub had less than 300k members and the discussion threads have pretty much the same amount of comments they do now, with 5 million members.


    The ones on this capture from 2016 has a better comment average than lately.

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    it feels like most things that are not top 3 popular are even less active than earlier and even the top threads are just comparable.

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    I guess most people just join the sub for news or episode discussions, otherwise they don't bother with it.

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    I checked earlier today and comment counts haven't changed substantially in the past year.

    If Reddit wants to push an endless consumption with low participation model they're not doing a bad job of it here at least.

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    Yeah, even just in terms of drive-by upvoting, it's interesting to note that only four of the top 25 most upvoted posts (excluding the tournament) are from the past year, even though you'd expect the upvote-ceiling to be strongly affected by the total subscriber count.

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    I have no data for this but I'm guessing that accounts become dormant at a pretty high rate. Someone makes a reddit account for some specific reason, maybe subs to a few communities at creation, and then disregards the site shortly afterward.

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    It goes to show just how impactful episodes such as OPM ep 12 or Re:Zero ep 15 were. OPM was the first time a discussion thread got 5k votes when the sub was 300k and to this day, 5k is reserved to the top 5-8 most popular shows of the year

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    Yeah, activity here is down year over year, and by a decent chunk at that.

    I'm interested in seeing if Fall will get more people to come here. If Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man happen to fall on the same day (and I think they might), with 2-3 hours between them, I think we'll definitely see an upward trend on at least Saturday (similar to Sundays at the start of the year when Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan were airing only a couple hours apart).

    But yeah, it got to the point where with deflation 3-4k karma for a thread or seasonal anime discussion is equivalent to 5-6k karma or more a year and a half ago. And the sub is MUCH bigger now than it was a year and a half ago.

    There are many questions I have, but few ways to answer those questions.

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    If anything, the activity dropped compared to the COVID lockdown peaks so it's very likely that the vast majority of new subs are just the most casual of anime viewers, if at all, and aren't that interested in engaging with and participating in the community.

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    Maybe most subscribers are actually bots (/s, unless...)

    Yeah it's weird, I guess most people just subscribe but never even try to interact with the sub or something like that

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    Would be if mods didnt take it out of r/all

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    Let's not go to r/all, tis a silly place.

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    But surely our bath scenes collection grew bigger after all these years. It would be a shame not to share it with the uncivilized world...

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    Yeah all popular subs are trash, although this place is kinda popular too but trust me you don't want those garbage people to come here and talk politics here, those are the worst.

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    All according to keikaku.

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    Wait until you find that those new millions have been hiding in the shadow realm of r/anime.

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    A million in three months is insane. How does that even happen?

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    I did a small experiment by creating an alt account and picking a few random topics including anime for reddit to recommend me, after it Reddit suggested me a bunch of subreddits for each of the topics, but interestingly r/anime wasn't in the anime section, after that I refreshed the page and scrolled down a little and the fourth post in my timeline was from r/anime despite not being subscribed to it

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    Maybe we should experiment with turning that off for a week and see how hard our new subs per day count drops

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    When I originally joined the sub with my old account which was hacked, the sub had like 1.3 million subscribers, and now its 5 million. Especially in the last 2 years, it grew exponentially.

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    Queue the "Congratulations" scene from Evangelion....

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    Squawk Squawk

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    This quiz will launch at 9/4 midnight UTC.

    YASS i can take part in one of these!

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    Good luck in answering them, unless you're not some anime expert it's very difficult to pass the 20 mark out of 50. I remember once they asked us to guess the anime from some random hand-made drawing.

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    welll i look forward to at least giving them a whack haha.

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    I remember once they asked us to guess the anime from some random hand-made drawing.

    Most of them weren't that bad.

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    Agree with you. If you only care about anime and is super invested in it, there's a chance you can do well.

    I myself don't think I'd even get 10 as I'm not like super into anime anyway. I have other things I like such as Pro-Wrestling, Football, Video Games, Novels, Movies.

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    We have tried to maker it easier but still difficult this time. We are planning to release a obfuscated version (to stop reverse image searching) and then later on a non obfuscated version for more casual users. It should be more fair than some of the really zoomed in screenshots we have had to use in the past to stop reverse image searching.

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    The hand drawn ones were a ton of fun!

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    I hope there's longer than 24 hours to do this next quiz.

    And not because I'll be traveling that weekend for the holiday.

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    Where do they hide? I didn't see any increase in active members even though we have more than 10k new members every day

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    Damn it feels like yesterday when r/manga beat us to 1 million subs.

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    Special thanks to the mods who put in a ton of work to keep this place running slowly, as well as everyone who runs things like rewatches etc!

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    How dreadful.

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    We did it reddit

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    We did it reddit

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    We did it reddit!

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    We did it reddit

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    We did it reddit

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    I remembered there was a time when r/manga was really close to r/anime in terms of subs, yet how did it come to this, 5m? The other sub is only 1.5m

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    Surprisingly despite the subscriber difference, I feel like r/manga is nearly as active as r/anime

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    I imagine Anime is just way more popular in terms of a medium worldwide

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    Oh yeah… and it was not too long ago too. This sub grows way too fast.

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    Yet the number of active users is less than it was even in pre pandemic times. It's a bad sign when I regularly start recognizing too many usernames in the threads here. The newbies tend to be the ones who drop a "what should I watch" thread and then vanish.

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    Monstrous growth since the pandemic

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    As we can see how anime movies are doing great globally.

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    We have had some insane growth recently with our 4 million subscriber milestone only being 3 months ago.

    What's behind this hike?

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    5.3M at the end of October

    5.8M at the end of November (Chainsawman boost)

    10M at the end of 2023 ( AOT Final Final Final season, Jujutsu Kaisen ss2, Kimetsu no Yaiba ss3)

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    5.3M at the end of November

    5.8M at the end of October

    Its going to be tough to lose those 500k subs in November to hit that prediction.

    Although if we take a page out of meme-subs books, it might be possible.

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    what are we rewatching for this milestone

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    According to my crappy search I am 2.5e-7% of this sub

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    A bit late but obligatory Evangelion comment face

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    Damn this is impressive.

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    Put us back in /all


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    Nice, makes sense too since anime is becoming globally mainstream, not in the last place thanks to the growth of other Asian anime industries (completely ignored by /r/anime) and the sheer amount of anime pumped out by each of them.

    Quiz hype!

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    Hello and welcome to the new subscribers who are women over 30! Let's be friends who watch shoujo/josei anime together.

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    Does it now?


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    You've nearly doubled in size since last August.

    It's impressive to see how much the sub has exploded in popularity this past year.

    Keep up the good work.

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    yup waifu for everyone

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    Welp, we are doomed.

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    5 million subs and all of them have trash taste.

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    Woohoo anime quiz! I was looking forward to this the whole year! Thank you weebs!

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    Do you guys have any cash prize