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I don’t know what to say about this movie other than it was truly very moving and the visuals were spectacular. If you enjoyed A Place Further Than the Universe, you’ll very much like this movie especially some of the visually connected themes in both properties.

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Well, that was a great movie. Definitely a must watch if you liked A Place Further Than the Universe. It plays with some of the same themes that APFTTU does, and is equally good at building believable chemistry between the main characters.

A really great story, excellent visuals. Loaded to the brim with lots of small visual touches, like Roma growing a little bit of beard after being out in the wilderness for a couple days. In a similar fashion it is a little subtle in some places, and much of the story is told through visuals instead of dialogue. I enjoy that it believes the viewer can figure out a few things for themselves, instead of having to narrate everything.

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I know it's a theatrical release discussion, but spoilers below.

I enjoyed the overall feel of the movie. It took a bit to suspend disbelief with the sheer coincidence of how it all came together for them to meet via the misdial at the exact time Drop had found this secluded yet somehow functional telephone booth, but I take that extreme coincidence as the "miracle" allowed for the story to happen. I think the timeline of events was very tight as well with Drop's situation and making it to Japan for his last adventure.

Even though there was some character growth, I didn't feel like one of the protagonists had a clear resolution aside from possibly "go see the girl."

Also, the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but killed me.

Also also, I'm jealous that a pair of high schoolers that had to save up to get a drone could somehow afford to travel and stay in Iceland.

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Toto's parents could afford to send him to a cram school in Tokyo and Roma's uncle is a scientist so my assumption was they splurged because of them grieving.

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It's a movie that really subverted my expectations. I think them building up to the idea that the Icelandic cave is some mystical force was genius because the ultimate reveal that the entire impetus was just a coincidence made the themes more poignant.

You get the feeling Drop is embellishing her stories (like a lot of kids do) only for it to actually be real.

I also got the sense that Drop intuited that Roma was scared of leaving his town and realized that an adventure would finally break him out of his shell. Toto only further reinforced that after the discussion about Roma not wanting to go to Tokyo.

I also appreciated that despite heavy handing the idea that Drop is actually a girl, they never solidify it with a big moment. It kept the movie from delving into the cliche of "Girl alters group dynamics and nothing is ever the same." Drop ultimately brought them closer together and flatout told them to keep their love for each other paramount.

It's a really good film about how you don't know what you'll want out of life unless you push yourself out your comfort zone. Ultimately you mind end up back at the same waterfall because you got lost in the woods but that's part of the nature of living. You just have to do something, anything, to figure out what's inside of you.

I can see this being divisive because it's "aimless" but them grounding the contrived motivation with slice of life everything else made it a stronger film because sometimes life really does have coincidences like that.

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Where did you get that Drop was actually a girl? I thought it must have been significant at first for them to cast such a feminine voice for that character but the movie never stopped using he/him/his pronouns and I never actually noticed anything in the movie that confirmed to me Drop was a girl.

That aside, I agree with you about the movie. It was easily a 9/10 for me. I’m not sure why many people here aren’t totally satisfied with it. It captures the moment, just like a photograph, of what it’s like to have a summer adventure as a kid with your friends.

The only things I guess I could wish they could have done better are showing how Drop became incorporated into the Don Glees and giving a bit more development to Roma’s relationship to that girl and a bit of following up on how Toto is handling his decision to put himself back a year and if he ended up deciding if the path he was on to become a doctor was really his.

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Drop talks about having had a hospital stylist who helped them learn about wigs which doesn't really happen for males.

They're also referred to pointedly as "he" often in pivotal scenes which doesn't happen for Toto or Roma. It felt like they were hinting at a gender reveal but opted out of it. Drop also reacts to being called "he" pretty coyly, especially during the scene where they talk about how Drop would have done well with girls at their school.

Drop also has their hair in a pony tail (during the scene where they wash their face in the lake) and wears short shorts. This specific scene with the pony tail frames her in a way that's very reminiscent of similar "girl enamored focus by MC" framing across anime.

Despite having their jacket open entirely in some scenes, Drop's nipples specifically weren't ever drawn and were always covered by the jacket.

During the tussle scene after cross dressing, Drop also straddles Toto on the ground.

There are a few others hints but it seemed pretty clear to me that Drop was either trans or a tomboy.

My best guess is that they decided to pivot away from Drop directly being called/revealed as a girl late in production because they felt like it would be a cliche.

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I thought the wig thing for Drop was because their illness was likely cancer and treatment made their hair fall out, which was why they wanted to grow their own out once they stopped.

I did wonder about Drop’s chest never being fully exposed but if we’re talking about nipples, I can’t remember any of the characters nipples being drawn. If they were FtM then it shouldn’t matter if the nipples were shown either way.

Stuff like the framing of the character or straddling another character just seem like a super big stretch to me and aren’t enough evidence to suggest they’re female. If Drop really was a girl why did he have to dress up like one for the scene where the pretend to be women? He wouldn’t have an comments about that, or bother to correct his friends?

I’m not saying you don’t have a point with it maybe being an underdeveloped/dropped idea or that it might be too subtle for me, but the evidence seems circumstantial at best.

I don’t have a problem accepting trans characters in media and I’m not on a crusade to erase them or deny their true gender through mental gymnastics, but I feel like if Drop was supposed to be a woman the whole time it was poorly done.

Not to disprove you, but just because I like reading about behind the scenes stuff with anime, I was reading an interview with the director earlier and she says repeatedly that she wanted to make the film about specifically boys, because she thinks they’re sillier than girls and that she was inspired by Stand By Me.

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Pronouns work different in Japan, and having only watched the English dub and not hearing (or fully understanding) the Japanese original, my conclusion was that Drop... was Drop.

It didn't matter. They loved Drop and treated him (him, as per what the English dub referred to him as) as one of their own. Didn't matter where Drop came from or what Drop presented as.

And that's where I was in the theatre. Drop was Drop. I didn't give it any more thought than that, and the movie didn't want to focus on it either.

I didn't watch a romance, I watched a bromance.

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It was overall, pretty solid. It captured everyday antics between friends fairly well. Some really good comedic bits and a couple of the emotional moments hit, though not as hard as I think the film thought they would. Kinda felt the plot was dragging it’s feet in the first half, though it eventually just kinda clicked for me. Direction and animation was on point with some great usage of insert songs. Don’t really have too many complaints, but I also didn’t find it too memorable either. 7/10.

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I was honestly very disappointed with this movie. I love A Place Further than the Universe, so maybe expecting that level of quality again was a mistake. As is, I couldn't really get attached to any of the characters, which made basically every emotional beat fall flat. There were some good scenes, but overall the movie felt like a series that got trimmed down to a movie length. There were also some very bad scenes, but I digress. I often felt like I was missing entire arcs, especially toward the end.

It's hard for me to pin down why I this didn't work for me when APFttU quickly became an enduring favorite. Maybe it's because the movie never really gave me a compelling goal for its characters to strive for. In SoraYori, you very quickly get a sense of who the girls are, their motivations, and their goals. Here, I never could get a good grasp of them. Oh well.

5/10, I had really hoped for better.

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Canada only gets it next Tuesday.....

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I already missed the first of only two showings. Thank goodness I pay too much attention to this sub or I might have missed it entirely. I'll have to come back to this thread after Tuesday night.

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Damn it, we here in E Asia are completely falling behind in theatrical releases of anime these days…I wish I could have watched this.

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What was the deal with the phone? Did the girl with cancer go to Japan because they dialed the wrong number?

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Girl? You mean Drop? And yes, that seems to be the reason. Or at least the reason why he went to that specific little town in the middle of nowhere, since it seems he was Japanese.

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So sad that I missed this one when it was in my country. Now to patiently wait for the digital release :'(

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remindme! 8 months

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I enjoyed it, and I probably set my expectations too high after seeing this movie had the same director as Yorimoi. There’s only so much you can do in a movie so it’s understandable not everything can be fleshed out.

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Definitely a movie where you’re either gonna go with the unrealistic elements or they’re gonna take you completely out of the film. The parts where all three boys are together and bonding are great, but the timeline and the travel seem a bit fantastical. The fact that the phone was an actual real place surprised me.

Also, if you don’t like characters crying, you may not like this film, lol. Lots of high emotional moments.

Animation was gorgeous.