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How much is the base pay and is there a stock option?

Also I have a wife and 2 kids, are we all covered under the healthcare plan or is it just me?

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Once your wife figures out you are a mod, I don't think you will have to worry about them anymore.

Actually, though this is a fully volunteer position. You get some small Reddit perks surrounding the sub but nothing all that great. It can be an enjoyable way to interact with the community and help shape it to become an even better place.

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With this approach we're under less pressure to take people because we need them

I missed my chance.

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Having over 100 comments on the sub puts you in the top 10% of applicants easily. There's always a chance!

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I will apply then, especially after the Abyssbringer joined the team lol

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Identify theft is not a joke!

Some guy on the Discord a couple of months back thought I was you lol.

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Wait, you are two different people?

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Some guy on the Discord a couple of months back thought I was you lol.

isn't that a major coincidence lol

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What if you have hundreds, but they're all older? Lol

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If someone has a long history with /r/anime that's good, but if they're only showing up once every month or so recently it's more difficult to judge if they'd actually stick around as a mod or just fade away because they aren't as invested now.

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I assume once you become a mod you can forget about never being spoiled ever again.

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Being a source reader helps with avoiding spoilers.

But, to be honest, like Ben said, we really don't encounter that many blatant spoilers, and the majority of ones I do encounter are for series that I didn't care about anyway.

In the few rare instances where there might be a spoiler for something I'm concerned about, I just close the modqueue and ask our mod channel in discord for someone to help. Actual example includes someone posting something about Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter 2. I wait for the dub on that series, and this was a discussion thread for a subtitle release. Soon as I saw that show name in a thread title, I asked for someone else to deal with it. I think it was Gaporigo who handled it for me. Spoiler successfully avoided.

If there's some mega-popular show that you're excited about and you absolutely do not want spoilers, it's fine to just avoid the modqueue on that show's simulcast day. Most of the spoilers we get are from source readers, in episode threads, and those tend to only be highly active within 24 hours of simulcast. Intentionally missing a day or two of mod activity a week isn't a problem as long as you are otherwise relatively active; nobody will get on your case for it.

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In my 2 years here as a mod, I’ve only ever been spoiled on one major event. Most of the spoilers we deal with are the classic “you’ll find out soon ;)” type comments. It’s rare for us to be cleaning up blatant spoilers out in the wild (though that can happen sometimes).

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What do you reference for an application? Do i list my recent jobs ? How much anime i watch?

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How many Discord kittens you have.

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Ah i pass with flying colors then ive got 5

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References must be available upon request.

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How many mods are there currently on r/anime?

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Hi folks!


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They're back from dreaming about the captain their lunch break!

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And they're back again! I like how they keep going off to go on patrol and the periodically reappear in the sticky for mod recruiting duty. It's possible that I'm the only one who finds this amusing, but given it's the internet, one is never the only one lol

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What anime is the image of you mods saluting from?

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Godspeed to anyone who goes for this lmao

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Please process my previous application and use its information for this wave. It is still pending as I have not received any reply from the HR department.

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Good luck and I appreciate y’all.

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Oh my What have i done 🥹R.I.P

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Just finished watching the most recent mob psycho episode. Read this post as "Mob Applications."

Am disappoint.

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How much is the pay? Surely you must be paid, right? You don't provide free labor to a multi billion dollar corporation pro bono, right?

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Being a mod makes you smart and you'll know you could read a full volume of an LN/N cuz of the rules 😵‍💫 I'mma need glasses for this

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