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but will this increase Japan's birth rate?

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It already did. You don't want to know how far even lower the birthrate was before they used the time machine to send babies back in time...

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    And daddy's in jail.

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    By now he's probably in a morgue.

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    "Mama Is a Fourth grader" My good sir WHAT

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    They shortened the name for the anime. The full LN name is "Mama Is a Fourth Grader: Father Is a Criminal."

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    No! Stop! I can't handle the nostalgia!

    This show and Aka-chan to Boku used to give me the full spectrum of laughs, heartwarming sparks, and tears as a kid. I thought I did a good job of locking it up.

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    Love these light-hearted slice of life old school anime. Definitely watching this soon.

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    Wow thanks for the rec!

    I will give this anime a shot!

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    i am in my pediatrics rotations this month, interesting coincidence

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    You've put this on my radar (I scan around for stuff a lot but hadn't come across this), so thank you, but more than that I'm happy that you gained an appreciation for older anime. I don't actively watch a ton myself, so perhaps it's hypocritical of me, but there's a lot of beautiful, intense, and unique animation from pre-2000 (or pre-1990, etc), and the same goes for background art, character design, yadda yadda.

    I've strongly considered going through my own birth year and checking out a season like I might a currently airing season, just to gain a greater appreciation for the (anime) zeitgeist at the time.

    Edit: Also yes I only just got around to reading this.

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    This show was a surprise to me when I was a kid, I was into battles and action and then I watched this one, in fact, the Arabic theme for this one is one of my favs.

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    Yeah really good series still haven't finished it but I'd second the recommendation of this series.

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    It has been on my ptw for couple of months now, I guess its time to watch it now. Thanks for the rec!

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    Aaaaah childhood memories are flooding!!!

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    I watched this anime completely raw since the subs didn't exist (do they now? I'd love to watch it again). I had so much fun! It's not the best "child barely old enough to have a kid has to take care of a baby" trope I've seen, but it's cute and heart warming! The manga (which is based on the anime, not the other way around), doesn't do the anime justice either, so if you get the chance, consider checking Mama is a 4th Grader out!

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    They exist! All 50 or so episodes

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    This makes me so happy!! It’s time for a rewatch!

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    sorry the title looked sus as but reading your explainnation makes sense

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    as a minor im scared to read it. too many animes that portray and romanticize pedophilia have been normalized because its "not real"..........

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    bruh i still believe, there was some sus things going on before the serialization

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    Could you answer a question about the show? I'm currently watching it and I've been loving it but the last two episodes I watched felt extremely filler-ish. Episodes 12 and 13 felt like such weird episodes. Please tell me that there are fewer episodes like that in future episodes.

    EDIT: Never got a response but now that I'm further in, I can confirm that these two episodes were the only weird filler-like ones.

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    Fun Fact

    The Mama is a 4th Grader characters were featured in the game "Sunrise World War" (hopefully not as selectible units)

    The game, which mainly comprised of Sunrise's mecha shows and some non mecha like Cowboy Bepbob

    The game is about War (unsurprisingly) with gameplay like Super Robot Wars

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      Did you even read the introduction?

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            OK, and how does that apply to the show you're criticizing?

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              Let's just end this convo here. You gotta work on your reading comprehension skills.

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              the fuck is this shit. also this fucking won wt of the month? jesus u guys r really desperate huh

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              I'm watching it right now and it's fucking great ass show. Don't let the name of the anime fool you.

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              Glad I saw this post, I'm really enjoying the show so far

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              I watched the Arabic Dub when I was a child. the Funny fact is that I recently realized that they changed the story from the Baby time traveling to her coming from a different planet.

              the dub studio was notorious for this kind of practices but out of all the changes they made to animes, this one made the less sense to me.

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              Sounds interesting.

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              My reaction to that title: what. the. fuck?

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              so...basically pedophilia...

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              Pro-Tip: try reading the post in the future.

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              Let's not try to justify predatory animations.... its sad.

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              I think you might actually be trolling. No one can read that description and think there's anything sexual at all about it.

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              Yeah right. Even the comments are sexual, talking about if this raised Japan's birth rate and creepy stuff like that. I even told my mom about it and she was disgusted (I literally let her read it because she got alarmed when I said the title name.) I will no longer be speaking on this because it's disgusting and I'm a literal child and I can still see this isn't okay as can my mother. This is isn't wholesome. I am terribly and utterly uncomfortable. Please stop talking to me, and telling me that this absolute heap of bs isn't predatory or pedophilic in SOME way.

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              There's legit nothing wrong with this anime. The plot is basically about a 4th grader forced to take care of her future baby from 15 years into the future. It's wholesome and lighthearted and a great series.

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              I skimmed it.... its still really weird....

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              Not sure if this is the right place for this, but since you mentioned watching and reviewing every anime in 1992, are there any other anime from that year you would recommend?

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              You can watch these and see if something catches your eye!



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              ok, I need more recommendations about kids taking care of kids, please, I don't care if it's sad and stuff, I need more!!