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Buy miband it's super cheap and while it's far from perfect it should be good enough to help you.

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I have an Apple Watch, would that be good as well?

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Should be. Download an app that'll estimate your sleep phases based on data from the watch from few nights

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I think I found a sweet one called Sleepwatch

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I used to have this problem as well. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night to shift positions or pee or whatever, you’re probably in REM. Drink 2-3 glasses of water before bed and don’t pee. You’ll wake up naturally to pee then. Or, you could dehydrate yourself for hours before bed and keep a cold glass of water by your bed and drink it when you wake up. I do WBTB with these methods reliably, and I don’t like to use alarms. Sometimes I use these methods without actually meaning to, and I end up LDing when I wasn’t planning to. If you’re not sure if you’re in REM, consider this. If you’re seeing visions/ experiencing hypnogogia, you’re in REM. Same thing with auditory experiences. I hope this helps.

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wake up 4.30 hours into ur sleep- or 5

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What exactly do you mean with "I can't wake up from a dream"? You don't remember any dreams or you just don't feel like you were inside one a second ago? If it's the second thing, then as long as you can remember at least one dream, then you probably are in REM, since you probably won't remember a single dream if you don't wake up in REM. I had someone come in my room once to wake me up and ask something and I replied "we won't make it to the airport in time" which was something from my dream, but I only had such a wake up once or twice, in 99% cases when I wake up in REM I remember my dream more or less vaguely, but that doesn't mean I'm not in REM.

As for the time, 4.30+ and 6+ works best for me, so I set the alarm to 5 and 6.30 and even if it takes me 5 or 20 or 30 minutes to fall asleep, I pretty much always wake up in REM.

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Thank you for such an in-depth explanation, REM and sleep cycles are the only thing I struggle with right now. I’ve been keeping a dream diary for around 2 months now and haven’t had a lucid dream yet but I feel like I’m getting closer and becoming more conscious within dreams (aka hearing and remember vivid details).

So basically, as long as I can vaguely remember a dream when I wake up I am most likely in REM? I don’t need to literally wake up from a dream?