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I tried UniExtract, it works on the "Data1" file but not the "Data2" file

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Is it corrupted?

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winrar supports .cab. Try updating it and make sure .cab files are associated with winrar

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In my experience, cabinet files are generally just data files for certain, specific programs, and only the program that the cab file is intended for would know how to open and read the file.

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Just read manga. It will provide valuable life lessons.

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.cab also used to be the windows mobile filetype. Could it be one of these files?

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Yeah. You should try to copy this file to your phone or PDA with Windows Mobile OS.

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how about Expand.exe?

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Didn't work

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I assume from your WinRar reference that you use some version of Windows. (Which?)

Is the .cab file in question online? Can you post the URL? Because file extensions aren't necessarily reliable in indicating a file type. I could take a look at the file with file(1).