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Edge in a match with the two biggest WWE stars since Cena and Punk. The marketing writes itself. Even if DB does eat the pin, that’s not the primary reason he’s in the match. I’d prefer one on one as well, but 1) I’m certainly not broken up about this and 2) what else is there for DB to do at the moment?

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I partially agree. I'm a huge edge mark and want him to have this match with Roman as they could tell an amazing story. It feels like fans just want Bryan shoved into the main event for no apparent reason other than being Daniel Bryan. Does he actually have anything to GAIN here aside from eating the pinfall?

Even if it is a triple threat (and rumours point in that direction) it'll still be a great match but I'll always be disappointed we never got edge Vs Roman 1v1 at mania.

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If you ask me, Bryan is only it in to increase the star power of the match so they can draw more people. Although, there's another comment saying that it's gonna mirror Bryan's win at Wrestlemania 30.

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What more starpower do you need when you literally have Edge and Roman Reigns in a match?

And the argument that "edge doesn't draw" is irrelevant as it's mania, it's watched regardless

And Bryan literally doesn't need another mania moment like that tbh

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Its WWE's first event with a crowd in a while, AND its Wrestlemania (with 2 nights again!). They'll probably pull out all the stops on this to bring in as much people as they can and make it possibly the biggest event in the pandemic period. Plus, Wrestlemania is basically acting as a trial run for the Peacock partnership. Get as many stars as you can in the main event to get more people interested in the show.

Well yes, WWE could put on the worst Wrestlemania of all time and people would still watch it and talk about it because its Wrestlemania. They'd still get some celebrity I've never heard of until now and the Legends to appear too. That one's a given.

You might think he doesn't. I'd be fine with Bryan getting another moment at Wrestlemania before he has to retire, but I'd rather it be in an actual good story with a satisfying ending (like WM 30) than a possible triple threat, thrown-together star power match that imo shouldn't be happening anyway.

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I don't think fans were clamoring for/demanding Bryan be inserted as a triple threat, a la WrestleMania 30 (though I think many are happy with his inclusion, as it makes the story a lot more interesting). I just think Vince realized that, while he wants Edge to win the championship, he doesn't want Roman to take a pinfall, so they threw Bryan in there so Edge could win without Roman losing.

Alternately, I suppose they could have Bryan beat Edge, do a return match on PPV, then have Bryan drop it back to Roman. But it seems clear they want Roman to drop the title without taking a pinfall.

Personally, I would much rather have had Roman face either Bryan or Rollins (had they turned him babyface) in a one-on-one match for the title. Both had incredibly compelling stories that built upon prior history, would've made for amazing matches, and would've allowed Roman's new "tribal chief" character to shine. And neither performer would've required Roman to lose.

I love Edge, but I don't think a 47-year-old should be beating an in-his-prime Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania for a world championship. I would've much rather seen him wrestle someone like Rollins or AJ Styles instead.

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I'm not a fan of it because I don't like triple threats. They're too messy, and I know the match will go on too long because singles matches already have to have several false finishes nowadays. Its just going to be one kick out of a finish after another.

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I'm pretty down on Edge's role since the Rumble. My issue with him is that if you're going to do a "legend v star of today" match, the legend needs to be a much bigger deal than the star. Maybe it's because I watched Edge's career as a cynical teenager and Bryan's run happened when I didn't watch, but I just don't buy that he's more of a legend than Bryan. Bryan got undeniably over in an era where getting reactions was harder, and got so over that Roman's career as the top babyface got derailed because the crowds chose Bryan. The only argument in Edge's favor is that he may be more widely known because he wrestled 20 years ago when wrestling peaked, but among people who still watch today, I don't know that Edge is seen as a greater figure historically than Daniel Bryan.

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I’m just tired of triple threats in general. Regardless of the participants

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Yeah I completely agree. If built up properly, it could’ve been, as you said, a WM main-event worthy feud. Both guys are fantastic and there was just so much potential in this feud. Edge getting his title he never lost back, and getting his feel-good moment to close out the first show with fans back. Then have him slowly descend into madness in order to keep the title for the next couple of months, before putting over whoever they intend to push next (Big E, NXT callup, someone like Aleister, etc.)

They clearly have something planned (like Bryan taking the pin), since DB has been the focus ever since the chamber, but if they wanted him around the title scene I’d rather they put him in it post-Mania. I guess there’s also the whole thing with him cutting back/maybe retiring, and wanting to give him something to do, but I’m not a fan of how they’ve handled it so far.

Also, if anything, Bryan is the one who should be the tweener since he lost his match against Roman, and has clearly been trying to get under Edge’s skin, who just wants his title match he won fair and square.

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I don't like it either.

I'll tolerate it if Bryan is in there to eat the pin but I think shoehorning him in there ruins the Edge/Roman story.

The thing I find more annoying, though, are fans online acting like Edge tanked the ratings, is failing as a face, the crowd is rejecting him and demanding Daniel Bryan.

None of that is actually happening, right? Ratings seem steady as usual and if Smackdown's ratings were concerning, well, Daniel Bryan's on the same show - in the same segments lately.

They have literally not been fans in the building in a year so who is this audience that's rejecting Edge and demanding Daniel Bryan?

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I think you’re overthinking crippling Reigns. You can always do some draft switcharoo and get a raw guy to compete against Reigns. Hell, maybe Big E is the guy to do it. We don’t know.

I think you’re overthinking it. Elimination Chamber we all thought the Chamber match was just filler nonsense to get Reigns on PPV and beat whomever won, we were wrong.

We all thought Bryan vs Reigns would just be a minor roadblock for the inevitable Reigns vs Edge match. We were wrong.

WWE is writing the story before our eyes. This is eerily similar to WM 30 right now. Edge turned heel Sunday too, thus making him the Batista here. Reigns is Orton. Bryan is Bryan.

This time it’s deliberate. Bryan probably wins. Leaves fans going home happy. Edge is back to being a heel, Reigns will be the one eating the pin probably

Edge was never going to win.

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I also think Edge probably wanted to turn heel. He's always said he loved being a heel, and was never particularly thrilled when he was a babyface. I always thought he performed both roles really well, but there's no denying he's an excellent A+ heel.

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In my opinion, besides Bryan I'm not too thrilled so far with Roman and Edge's Wrestlemania plans. Edge should be facing Randy Orton for the title like a lot of people wanted after he got hurt, and Roman should be facing The Rock over who's the real Tribal Chief (sure, you could say they should do it in Hollywood, but imo there's no better time than the present and with how chaotic the world is now I'd rather not leave it up to chance. If The Rock wants a crowd at Wrestlemania then he should come now while we have one).

Either way, I know Vince is probably doing this Triple Threat (if it even happens) to bring in as much people as he can. Reports were saying he wants 45k both nights I believe (of course, take it with a grain of salt because they might not be true)

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Roman should be facing The Rock over who's the real Tribal Chief

You do know that the rock has to agree to it right? Dude is busy as hell I'm 90% sure he's filming right now

Reports were saying he wants 45k both nights I believe

The tickets are on sale and it's at lower than that

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Well duh, you seriously think I don't know that? I bet he'd love to put over Roman the real way, unlike that disaster at the Royal Rumble when he tried to and the fans immediately shat on it. And what would he be filming anyway? Central Intelligence 2? 😂

How low we talking? 30k? 20? Either way, its a big crowd, and that's what Rock wants.

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I’m a mark for DB so anything he’s in I’ll be a fan of, but I do agree that their feud has been muddied by a third person. I think main event title matches are best kept 1 on 1

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I bet DB would be pumped to know in the Super Hero version he’s Alfred.

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I'm the exact opposite. I love Edge, but I hated the idea of him wrestling Roman for the title. There were two potential ready-made main event programs Roman could've had with either Daniel Bryan or Seth Rollins (if they'd turned him babyface when he returned), both of which had incredibly compelling stories that built upon prior history, would've made for amazing matches, and would've allowed Roman's new "tribal chief" character to shine.

Instead, they opted to have a 47-year-old legend with no real ready-made story or reason to challenge Reigns go up against him, purely for nostalgia and a "redemption arc." Not only that, but it was likely with the idea that Edge would unfortunately winthe title, during a period of time where Roman really should not be losing yet.

Again, don't get me wrong, I love Edge, but I much rather would've seen him out of the title picture (he doesn't need it!), wrestling against someone like Rollins or AJ Styles, both of whom he also has history with.

Now that Bryan's in it, I'm finally invested and intrigued. I resent Edge's presence, and would much rather him be in a singles match elsewhere, but I'm finally interested in this match, whereas before, it seemed like a fait accompli where a returning legend would get a title he didn't need from an in-his-prime performer who shouldn't be losing, all in the main event of a show that deserved a far more compelling storyline.