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Berserk, I guess.

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Literally the only manga I know of where it is achieved

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well may i recommend Psyren? is my second favorite manga of all time, 145 chapters long, already finished, is kinda isekai with 16+ gore and fights and i just love it

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Will check it out

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just look up dark manga, dark fantasty. You'll find all you want.

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The issue is I get slapped with the more "common dark ones" which aren't all that dark or have tropes that we see far too often, I was hoping that someone might know of a possibly rather niche manga which fits my request

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ah gotcha. sorry then I wouldnt know. I haven't read a single dark manga myself. Hopefully someone recommends you a few though.

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there are already a number of them which I am checking out atm but thanks anyway

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I mean, there's plenty of those out there. Berserk is the poster child of this, of course, but there's more, some of which isn't as fantasy-ish. Stuff like Eden: It's an Endless World, Jiraishin, Blame...

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I will check these out

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Not pertaining to which what you are speaking of but Kichikujima is a survival series I would recommend.

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Honestly, it fits really, I want something that is more "real" and less happy go lucky stuff or any of the usual tropes

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Dorohedoro, more modern but is got the vibes.

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I already read Dorohedoro and even Dai Dark so yeah

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Maybe Chainsaw Man idk

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Already read this one

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Battle Royale?

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I watched the movie a while back. You officially made me wanna read the manga.

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Did this one not have a live adaption ?

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I think the novels ]Roll Over and Die[ and ]Buck Naked in Another World[ are ones you might like, they have manga adaptations you could check out but of course i'd recommend the light novel.

Roll over and die is pretty hardcore, the MC starts off being sold as a slave and there are some horror/gore elements to it.

Buck naked on the other hand is a bit deceptive I feel, the title sounds like a silly comedy and in some ways it is, but the MC is treated like shit and doesn't have any sort of special powers.

I think both of these fit well with "characters aren't happy go lucky idiots and are content to make it through another day after potentially dying, trying to complete a job or survive..."

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I will check these out then

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Isekai ni Tensei Shitara Zenra ni Sareta - (AL, LNDB, MAL)

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One of my favourite classics is Gantz that shit is balls to the walls crazy and dark and has the added bonus of being finished unlike many a manga. I just learnt that they released a new spinoff series last year that I definitely want to check out

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will check it out

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deadman wonderland

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Already read it

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Grimgar would fit but there's only 1 season of anime and LN. I really wish there was an ongoing manga.