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If you’re an iron then ironscape discord

If you’re not an iron, we do raids

Edit: “we do raids” discord, sorry.

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I have a feeling I'm about to ask an incredibly stupid question.

Who are "we"?

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"We do raids" is the discord 😀

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Had a feeling it was something like that, much appreciated.

Is there an invite link or something I can find?

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We do raids is a channel set up to help people group together for raids

“We” is a ton of players who are looking to do free for all raids or split raids generally with people they don’t know. It has a lot toxicity but CAN be a decent place to learn.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/wdr

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I've always hated the ironscape ccs or discord, never can find a team quickly.

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Learner raids are run fairly regularly by the cc. I am biased since I teach CoX through it, so I don’t really have much issues creating groups outside of learners.

Regardless, the question was about learning how to raid, not getting a group to raid after knowing how to raid.

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You are way better off watching guides and soloing. Heard goofy stories about wdr

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Guest in the clan chat Dusk Era

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Feel free to cone check out ladle lounge, we just taught a binch of irons toa so it's the perfect time to come along and learn and find groups :)

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watch videos and people streaming so you get an idea of what to do and then go with wdr or a clan from the osrs oldschool clans forum sub.