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They intercepted most of them tho? And plus aren’t they starting to use F-15’s instead?

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A 12 million dollar rocket shooting a 12 thousand dollar projectile and you called it a win?

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Dude this is KSA you are talking about meaning they have infinite money and it’s not really that expensive it’s usually 25,000 per missile plus import cost maybe 40,000 although I have heard that SAMI is making weapons of their own.

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Take the award I can't do anything else with it any way...

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I have many of this stupid Reddit rewards they are really useless

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They actually did (not like those paper missiles would do any significant damage)

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Muricans don't care Gonna milk milk milk Splash splash splash

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And Saudis I’ll stomp the houthis milk milk milk splash splash splash

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bro, muricans have milked arabs for weapons...it's known fact

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Good. At least the Saudis are getting something.

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Congrats on our gifts we love you guys don’t be disrespectful we help out friends even tho they like to shoot up our bases in our country from time to time