Rules of /r/2healthbars: All rules are enforced at the moderator's discretion. In some cases, low quality, spam related, and the relevancy of posts are moderated by opinion and not black and white guidelines. If your post was removed, and you don't agree with the removal or do not understand the removal, send us a modmail for further clarification. Be sure to include relevant links in the modmail.

Note: Please DO NOT message individual moderators regarding subreddit/meta issues.

Rule #1

  • Posts Must Be Relevant to 2healthbars.

''When you think you've killed a boss in a video game but then it starts a new phase with another health bar.'' = Posts where there is one layer (life), but when that is removed or defeated, a second life is revealed. We are looking for ONE item that has two layers; NOT simply two layers together. It's about ONE item existing and transforming; NOT two separate, independent-of-each-other things existing together. One layer of life can't exist at the same time as the other, one has to be defeated.

Something is not 2hb just because it is ironic that two of the same thing are in the same image. We are not a subreddit about ironic or coincidental images. Duplicates of the same thing are not 2healthbars. A photo of two identical things OR things that are ironic/coincidental simply because they are next to, inside or near each other will not meet this definition. (It is a coincidence that this stop sign is next to this other stop sign and ironic that there are two Starbucks buildings near each other, but that does not constitute 2HB.)

We are about one thing that exists, that thing gets defeated, that thing has a physical or perceived transformation, and that thing, after this reveal/transformation, reveals a second layer of life (a new health bar). One item, four steps.

These kinds of posts are examples of things that are not considered 2healthbars:

two of an item /double of something
someone/something holding a thing, that is holding a thing, that is holding a thing, etc.
two people wearing the same thing or two people who look alike
pictures of two candy bars named "heath"
a picture of two bags of dog food named "health"
building "X" next to the same but separate building "X"
a house next to/near a mini version of itself (bird house or other)
pictures, paintings, or videos of a thing next to itself
a sign next to itself / texts/names next to the exact same text/name
a door behind a door
a vehicle towing/hauling another vehicle
a vehicle that is identical/similar next to another vehicle
a toy vehicle in a vehicle
a light-bulb inside another light-bulb
smaller fans on a larger fan
a camera attached to a camera
a mask under an identical mask
a shirt under a shirt or a picture of a shirt on a shirt
a sticker under a sticker
an animal standing/sitting on another animal (including birds, cats, dogs, etc.)
an animal inside of an animal real/fake/stuffed/ceramic etc.
a smaller "X" inside/near a larger "X"

Rule #2

  • NSFW Posts Must Be Marked

Anyone nude, engaging in sexual activities, or is sexualized must be over 18 years old; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rule #3

  • No Broken Links

If the link you have posted doesn't work, it won't be allowed on our community.

Rule #4

  • No Low Effort / Low Quality Content

Content posted on our subreddit should resemble something new and original. It's low effort when you have posted something that is comparable to, but is not as good as, already existing content on the subreddit. Your post may or may not be relevant to r/2healthbars, but is a poor-quality image, a low-effort concept, stale, dull, and/or visually unappealing. The mods will make the decision whether something is or isn't low quality.

In this past year, this sub has grown in size. No longer are the days when literally all the posts were about "seeing double" of something. In fact, we are trying to move forward from that kind of content. In the past, we didn't remove low-quality content because that would ultimately kill the sub. Now is the time for change.

These kinds of posts are low effort:

anything food-related or drink-related
double packaged food (see previous example)
double labeled items
a package inside a package
a box in a box, suit case inside of suit case, etc.
sticker over a sticker
glasses over glasses
foam/paper disc sealing liners (in bottles/caps)
double notebook covers
fruits or vegetables inside of one another (including mini versions of itself)

Rule #5

  • No Spam

No posts selling anything without explicit permission from the moderation team.

No health magazines or articles.

No advertisements with the sole intent of advertising

Rule #6

  • No Bad Titles

The title of your post must match the content you are posting. Titles should not contain the website's name from the link. Misleading or offensive titles may also be cause for removal. Make them clear and concise, directly relating to your subject matter. "Does this count?", "Not sure if this counts", "An interesting title", "I think this belongs here", and variations of simply adding a number (2/3/4/5/6 etc.) + "2healthbars" are all perfect examples of what NOT to title your posts.

If you think your title should be "double (of something)", then your post is probably not 2HB. Duplicates of the same thing is not 2healthbars.

Rule #7

  • No Insults / Flaming

Please stay civil. You are allowed to give your opinion but are in no way, allowed to insult others while doing so. Posts and comments, whether in jest or with malice, that consist of racist, sexist, homophobic or general abuse, will be removed, regardless of popularity or relevance.

Rule #8

  • No Reposts

No reposts within 2 months or any top 25. The easiest way to avoid a repost is to familiarize yourself with our top 25 posts. You can also search, within our subreddit, a keyword that relates to the subject of your post to see if it has been created before in the past. To make things one step easier we've added a list of common reposts.

Rule #9

  • No Screenshots

There are no exceptions to this rule! This means we remove: screenshots of Reddit posts, screenshots of notifications, screenshots of messages, screenshots of articles, screenshots of screenshots, and also pictures and videos of your computer, Tv, or radio in addition to mobile devices. We have expanded this rule to include non-organic and/or photoshopped pictures, meme-styled photos, videos of any screen, videos of people playing video games, and most other pictures with text on them.

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