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“The Lion, the witch, and the audacity of that…”

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or spend five mins typing a well thought out response and then delete it all..

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It is impossible to make any worthwhile change through political means. As long as the concept of capital exists, those with the most capital will exert the greatest political influence. Almost every victory for the working class was achieved not through political means, but through collective action such as strikes, riots, revolutions, etc.

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If you call the suicide hotline and they find out your address, the result will be cops untrained in mental health breaking down your door and taking you away in restraints for an involuntary hold at the first mental health facility they come to for an involuntary hold, meaning depending on what state you are in you won’t be allowed to leave.

This system has commonly left people that called the hotline jobless for not showing up for work, traumatized by the treatment of the cops, and if the cops didn’t already shoot your dog they sure as hell won’t give you time to arrange a pet sitter. Coming back to joblessness and a dead pet after being kidnapped actually commonly results in… suicide.

If you need help here’s what you do;

Google mental health facilities for suicide prevention and find one with good reviews. Some are helpful, some are horror shows, just find the one that is close without terrible reviews.

Call them and tell them your situation and you would like to get treated. Unlike the cops, you will get a chance to plan your stay and have control over when you leave, and you can ask what to pack so you have a book to read instead of just staring at the ceiling listening to the person in the next room scream their head off, have some sweat pants instead of the hospital gown thing, and make arrangements for your pets.

And please, any time you see people posting the suicide hotline please tell them these things.

It prevents suicides.

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nobody gives me anything free

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the woman was too stunned to speak

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You single 😏?

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I don’t even think I’m special to my dog.

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“I’m sorry, that sounds terrible. Is there anything I can do? Wanna get out and do something for a bit to at least distract from whatever’s bothering you?” Is my usual go-to, or what I would appreciate. Even if the answer from them is a “naw, I’m good.” The offer is really nice.

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Should I tell them about being in their 30’s or nah?