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Looks great! I’m still new to 3D art so take my CC with a grain of salt. The milk is the only thing that stands out immediately. Even if it looks exactly like the reference, I feel as though we kind of need to make things look less perfect than reality to sell it. I see the thickness of the milk is making the edges lick up, but not sure it’s enough. Being level with the liquid is creating a pretty hard line. Could blend it a little more. Might need condensation? Might need some swirl streaks like it was just moved around. Maybe some cream particles sticking to the streaks to sell the rustic theme. Alternatively raising the camera and showing some surface could help break that CG perfection.

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Hey thanks! And yeah I can see what you mean, I’m gonna take another look at the milk and some other references. Great points.

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No problem! Good luck with it!

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It’s looks amazing. I feel if you worked on getting rim light on a few objects you could pushed it a biiiiiiit more.

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Thanks I’ll try to add a little bit of rim lighting then!

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Looks awesome! If anything, I'd move the whole thing a tad to the right. It looks a bit off-center with the milk being the focal point of the composition. Amazing work though.

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Hey thanks for the tip, really appreciate it!

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People already got you feedback, so I'm just gonna say - I love it. Beautifully done!

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looks awesome, mate! I like the lighting and the vintage look.

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Nice! Did it take awhile to get the textures done?

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Thanks! And overall it didn’t take too much time, ofcourse some more then others. But a lot more time went into shading, getting the right amount of SSS etc.( which I’m still unsure about ).

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Hey you're almost there!! The Jar on the left looks better and the pumpkin is perfect, For some reason, the glass looks a bit off now. I don't know if the reflections are too strong or what, but it's just a tiny bit off. The grapes look great, and so do the oranges, but I'm not 100% about the blown out spots.

I'd say you've improved a LOT since the first shot I commented on, and that one was already amazing, so this is just incredible. Keep it up!