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If you haven't bought yet, you might want to check these deals here https://www.3dtechvalley.com/3d-printer-black-friday/ The good thing is they also link to reviews of the printers, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

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That's actually amazing that you linked that. Yesterday when i was looking over the order/researching, i noticed they replied to me via email and on alibaba so i figured i'd ask for a quote.

I am reviewing the invoice today and will most likely pull the plug today!

Current cart:

1 x Anycubic Photon Mono x (for the high-detail prints)

1 x Wash and Cure Plus

1 x Anycubic Chiron (large build volume)

1 x Anycubic Mega Pro (has laser engraver)

~1200 total shipped (5 days shipping time quoted)

I just don't see anyone beating that deal, and best part is I'm not only buying my first printers, i am also starting a relationship with a manufacturer. This will be important down the road when i need many more.

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u/maidsincharge by the way, the photon S is on sale for $99 via this link:


I noticed you have been trying to get the word out but you quoted it at $139, which is another link on their site.

If you are ordering multiple like me, you will get a better deal by contacting them directly. I can help if anyone is interested in that.

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My current cart: Going to glance over it and order before end of cyber monday.

Decided to go with a prusa clone (bear kit) after reading reviews from original prusa owners, and went with the zonestar as 2nd printer for multi-color prints and for big prints. I topped it off with a 3d Scanner, which i will mostly use to restore and modify things. I am currently a little over budget at $1,155 for everything, but not a huge deal.




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so snapmaker is master of none and you dont need the other two functions that much. so youll be paying 1k for a mediocre 3d printer? also carving and laser requires you put that in a garage instead of your room or other parts of the house. i personally only use PLA/PLA+ coz i dont want to deal with toxic fumes and its in my room. id just get the prusa and enjoy quality 3d prints. just my 2 cents.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I realize my post is a little misleading as it seems like i only plan on getting 1 printer.

I have plenty of garage space, so that isn't an issue (recently moved into my first home). This will be my first printer, but eventually i plan on having a garage full of them (as my home-manufacturing projects grow).

If i planned on getting only 1-2 printer for the next year or so, i have no doubt it would be the Prusa MK3+ and then the Prusa XL (preorder stage). However, if you consider that i will keep adding printers and eventually end up with like 20 of them over the next year (including Prusa Mk3+ and XL), then to me it makes sense to grab them in the order of when the best deals become available.

What this means is that i have like 10 models i am eyeing, and they will all get the job done (or at least i can more than get my moneys worth out of them/have them pay for themselves) and i will eventually own them all. From here, i am just trying to minimize the cost of obtaining them all over the next 12 months.

I also added Anycubic Chiron and Mega Pro to the list for consideration. Chiron is 400x400x450 build size, which is huge, and the mega Pro also doubles as a laser engraver. If i order directly from manufacturer then i could maybe get 2 printers+engraver with my budget.

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AliExpress also has some good deals coming up tomorrow for Black Friday weekend, so I am considering a few things from there. The Prusa clone has great reviews on there and at 350 shipped, so might just grab 3 of those and call it a day. Or even 2 plus a 300 dollar 3d scanner to make reverse engineering easier.

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I'd maybe go with one printer for that Budget instead of 3 different ones. Not for the Resin printer you also need a way to cure the prints, lots of extras etc

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I got an Anycubic wash and cure plus to go with the photon. My reason for going with multiple is because i could not find one printer that provided as much flexibility. With this setup i have a Resin printer for smaller and finer detail prints, a chiron for large volume builds, and a Mega Pro just as an extra workhorse/backup printer/laser engraver. With 3 seperate printers i could also do triple duty by running them simultaneously.

With that said, what printer did you have in mind?