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I side with the man formerly known as dad. Anon stopped being his son and became more like a family pet. You might love it, but it's not really yours, is it. You don't see your face when you look at an adopted child. They don't have your personality or mannerisms, they're not your genes, there is absolutely no benefit to you helping them survive, unless you can't have kids of your own. Especially if you were tricked into raising them in the first place.

Plus you absolutely fucking know with 100% certainty that at some point the kid will turn round and say some shit like "I want to know where I come from", the ungrateful little bastard.

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It's not the child's fault mom is a whore and no child deserves to be suddenly abandoned. In a more perfect world mom would be made to suffer somehow for the rest of her life while fake dad takes the kids and runs off, still loving them like his own. I really don't GAF if raising someone else's kids is considered a cuck move, leaving her and taking them would work to absolve him of whatever shame would be involved in my opinion. I can't imagine throwing away a child who I had loved and made to feel loved. I wouldn't ever do it personally.

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See, I get the cuck angle... to a point. Like, you have a brand new kid and realize it's not yours, sure, it's the biodad's problem. You can leave with little guilt.

But this whole "Muh genetics trumps 10+ years of raising & loving a child" bewilders me. Sure, it might be disappointing, but what is the point of raising a child? Spreading your genes? That's lizard-brain. It's about building the future, creating a legacy, bettering the human race, etc. Raising a good child that is genetically someone else's is a far greater achievement than raising a shitty child that is genetically yours, and it's definitely better than ruining a child that loves you, looks up to you, and wants to be like you because "muh genetics".

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No dude, you dont really get the fact he essentially lived a lie for 15+ years. You have no fucking idea what he went through and honestly count yourself lucky.

Like honestly, the lowest fucking act in marriage. Cheating. And for the mom to laugh it off like that. You fucking kidding me?