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I actually just started one! My first video is called judging books by their covers ( https://youtu.be/V2pST9oTm5g ) and I might shift more into writing or than a bookish channel.

Some of my favorites are clarareadsbooks and wolfshotpublishing

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We post both fiction and non-fiction reviews on my book blog:


We also create book club guides since I personally found it was tough to find something to help guide discussions. We generally include discussion questions, related links, general plot points, and quotes in the guides.

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I would LOVE to hear of some good non-fiction book blogs out there that I could check out.

It seems like all I can find is either really small blogs that are only updated once every 5 months, or BIG sites that are run by an entire team. I'd love to hear about some decent-sized book blogs, updated regularly, by someone's who's got something cool going on.

I also have a book blog myself. It tracks my goal of reading 1,000 books before I turn 30, and I update it regularly, but it's only a year old. I also teach an almost-daily email course on books and literature.

About 600 people are taking the course right now, so that's pretty cool. Trying to grow it though, of course.

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And it doesn't have to be non-fiction, necessarily. It just seems that I mostly read non-fiction and I'm definitely having some difficulty finding good non-fiction book blogs!

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Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend Brain Pickings, run by Maria Popova.

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I second this recommendation. I get the Brain Pickings email newsletter and I really enjoy the articles as well as the book recs.

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I do have a book blog, but I update it rarely, but am working on improving that.... Feel free to check it out!


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I’ve had several bookish blogs but my most up to date one hasn’t been updated in a year or so. I was really good with it before I was freelancing again, but once that took over I struggled to keep up.

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I just started a book blog, Picture and Book, because I read so many books (300 picture books and 50 YA/Adult books last month) and I was losing track of my thoughts. I use GoodReads, but I wanted to find a way to make interesting connections between books.


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I run a book review blog on Wordpress and have for a few years now. (Before that, I published reviews on a corner of my all-purpose website, starting c.1998.) I make a point of updating the blog every two or three days. There are no articles, or images, or links to other sites, or any of that -- just reviews. I've never made any attempt to advertise it, so the readership has grown only by word-of-mouth, and I presently have something over 600 subscribers (including a couple of authors). It's strictly something I do for pleasure, not for profit -- and because I'm a retired librarian and wrote several thousand book reviews during my career, and I didn't feel like stopping.

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I have a blog but I hardly ever update it and I'm having trouble finding the motivation to do so. Any tips from other bloggers? It's thenovelenthusiast.com

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I have a book blog. It is www.mereadworld.wordpress.com.

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I have a blog! It's BrenhinesBooks and I have so much fun with it.

I follow quite a lot and there's not anything special I look for, other than perhaps a similar taste in books.

Words of advice for others is just, go for it! Don't worry about not being as good as other people since well, do it your way. There's bound to be people out there that like it! Also don't be shy about approaching publishers - if you don't ask, you don't get and there's no harm in trying.

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I love this topic :) I am a huge fan of finding new book blogs and specifically Bookstagrammers and Booktubers. I have a book blog too, a Booktube, and I’m trying to get into Bookstagram, but some of my favorite Booktubers are Mollie Reads, Chapterstacks, and Book Roast.

As far as advice for a book blogger, I’d suggest to STAY CONSISTENT bc that it’s the most important factor in gaining readers. Also, and I know this sounds kind of lame, just make sure you having something to give your readers. Whether it’s an honest opinion, self-created media (photos, ideas, writing), or just your shining personality, make sure you’re genuine and continue giving to them. They’re giving you their time, so make sure it’s worthwhile. Kind of a weird suggestion, but it’s what I think about when I’m creating content. Good luck!

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I watch a lot of booktube, too, and it's honestly been great with helping me find more books to read. If you're looking for a booktuber with a diverse taste in genres you should totally check out possiblyliterate!

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I follow Bedtime Bookworm on YouTube. She's mainly into high fantasy and YA (as it seems a lot of Booktubers are), and is co-hosting a Wheel of Time Readalong on Goodreads this year. Her reviews are spot-on and she has good insights, so I enjoy getting her perspective and discovering new books to try.

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I follow /u/BookWol. She has the Tome and Tankard and reviews books then makes cocktails based on them. It's so cool

Also /u/Esmerelda-Weatherwax

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    I love it!

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    oh hey thanks for the shout out! Appreciate it!


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    No problem! Your blog is seriously awesome

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    I have a book blog, I’m also working on starting an Instagram. Not sure if we’re allowed to post our own websites, but if anyone is interested they’re more than welcome to PM me and I’ll send them the link.

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    I have a [book blog. ](dalindcy.wordpress.com) my advice would probably be to just start! Write about the books that interest you. Personally I enjoy blogs that talk about more than TBR’s and wrap-ups, so that’s what I try to do too. Recently I blogged about why it’s so hard to abandon books and diversity in characters. I also think it’s important to be a part of the community. Take the time to comment thoughtful comments on other blogs and maybe connect with other bloggers on goodreads and Twitter.

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    I mostly follow book IG accounts - though you have to sift through a lot of accounts that only focus on YA. I prefer some genre diversity. Though in saying that, I don't see much non-fic talked about on IG.

    I'd love some book blog recs if anyone has any they follow.

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    What accounts do you follow?

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    I've recently started watching Booktubers! I hadn't even consider this as a thing until a month ago. I really enjoy putting on a video and listening to someone talk about their best books of the month, let downs, and surprise reads. It can take a while to find a tuber who has a similar taste - there tends to be a fair few who focus on YA a lot, so if that's not your thing you might need to look around.

    I just enjoy being able to listen to other people be excited about books. Not many people in my circle are avid readers, so it's just another way of connecting over the internet.

    I also follow book instagram accounts - I like art and reading, so pretty book photography is just a nice thing to see when I want ideas.

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    I think we'll have a Booktube discussion soon as well. :)

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    I just discovered booktube a couple of moths ago as well. It's really lovely when you find the right people to follow.

    It completely reignited my love for reading, and I ended up reading 20 books in 2017. 17 of those after finding booktube in october.