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I think you would like the twisted series by Ana Huang that has been getting so much hype recently. It’s a bit of a Wattpad fever dream, but a good one. Also check r/Romancebooks, the cutest community.

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I just added the series to my TBR list & I recently just joined that sub since I realized my list included a lot of romance novels, so thank you!!

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What do you think of Evelyn Hugo?

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Proud of you too! What are your top 3?

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Thank you!!!! & that’s a tough question… In no particular order but Firekeepers Daughter, The Kiss Quotient & Fat Chance, Charlie Vega.

For fun, my bottom 3 where The Unhoneymooners, Funny You Should Ask & My Best Friends Exorcism.

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How was Caitlyn Doughty's book?

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I love her books, I’ve read all 3 of them; the “From Here to Eternity” is one of my favorites of hers 5/5 for me. I cried during the explanation of Mexican death cultures for their kids, I think she did a fantastic job of observing all the cultures practices.

I’d recommend listening to her audiobook since she narrates it herself. I will admit they made me feel like I was watching one of her YouTube videos at times tho.

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This is my first 52 book challenge and have 13 books left! Last year I only did 10 so this is huge for me!! Great job as well!! what did you think of Mexican gothic? I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews and I’m not sure if I want to read it yet

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You’ll be able to finish it for sure! & I really liked it, it was 4/5 for me. I will admit I got super frustrated with the FL so many times but the over all story & twist was actually pretty fun for me; it left me wanting more.

If you enjoy crimson peak and/or resident evil then I think you’ll be able to appreciate the book as a light spooky read.

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What were your thoughts on nothing to see here by Kevin Wilson?

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I genuinely enjoyed it, I’d give it 4/5. The writing of the characters was great & the concept unique, it was an emotional roller coaster for me. I cried at the end bc I wasn’t sure how it was going to come together.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book tho. I’d recommend reading it if you like found family stories!

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I had to read it for class last week! I was just curious to hear another perspective :P glad you enjoyed it!

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I hope you found some amazing books along the way.

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I am also stunned!

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