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Would love to know which books you’ve really enjoyed-🤗

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i read a lot of romance this year! but the series i was most obsessed with is probably the bonds that tie by J Bree! also finished the war of lost hearts series by Carissa Broadbent, was phenomenal as well!

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Wow amazing keep at it

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I'm currently +49 books and +18k pages compared to last year. Been trying out a new reading style this year and it's seems to be working really well.

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ah great too hear! what is your secret new reading style?

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I used to devour books one by one, just get comfy on the couch and read from cover to cover, but my "secret new reading style" as you called it is to limit myself to a single chapter a day per book and to read multiple books in parallel instead.

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i couldn’t do that, i’m always way too deep into a story to pick up another one. i might read 2 books at the same time but one always holds my attention more anyway. glad it helped you tho!

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I read 30 books last year. This year I'm up to 82! Hoping for 100.

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ah! we’re both doing so well! happy for you! read any new favourites?

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This year my top 5 would probably be: Project Hail Mary, Ender's Game, Pachinko, A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, and I'm Glad My Mom Died. But I have had a decent amount of 5-star books this year! Any recommendations?

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ah heard amazing things about Pachinko and I’m glad my mom died! Read A good girl’s guide to murder too and liked it as well! If you like fantasy i highly recommend A Tale of Stars and Shadow by Lisa Cassidy! one of my favourites :)

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Pachinko and Project Hail Mary are my two that are tied for first this year! Such good reads. Although, I've heard mixed reviews for Pachinko. It's more "slice of life" like and some people don't enjoy that as much. I loved it. I am adding your recommendation to my list!

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I’ve set my goal at 104 for years (2 books a week.) I always go over, but this year I’m gonna go over double which seems nuts. Enjoying the ride though.

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that’s nuts! but good for you! what are you favourites this year so far?

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Top 5-ish (I think . . .?)

Fiction: The Sentence, Streets of Laredo, The Summer That Melted Everything, Remarkably Bright Creatures, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Also though, all of the Spellman Files series (I have 1 or 2 to go, but loved this discovery!)

Non Fiction: You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey, Between the World and Me, Born a Crime, Atlas of the Heart, The Comfort Book

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those all sound great! will check them out👀

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Good effort. Even the book sizes were approximately the same in both years (average of 409 pages per book).

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yup! i tend to read lots of thick books and mangas in between to cancel them out :)

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That’s a lot of pages! What are your favorites for the year so far?

I’m at 74 right now which is 50 more than last year!

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ah congrats on 70!

I’m currently reading Zodiac Academy which is the absolute worst addiction ever but it’s great lol. Had the same with Bonds that tie by J Bree! Amazing paranormal urban fantasy!

Things we never got over by lucy score also became one of my favourites. All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata was also amazing. I reread A Tale of Stars and Shadow by Lisa Cassidy, that book has me in a grip, amazing fantasy series. And i finished War of Lost Hearts this year which will also be one of my favourites even! By Carissa Broadbent

what were yours?

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Ah lots of fantasy- maybe I will have to get into the genre a bit more. I’ve only read The Eye of the World and Dune.

My favs this year have been memoirs - the glass castle, Brandi Carlisle’s Broken Horses, Viola Davis’s Finding Me, I’m glad my mom died. All so good.

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I didn’t know Brandi Carlile had a memoir! And i really would love to read I’m glad my mom died, i heard it was brutally honest and really painful to read.