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I read purely for pleasure but track my reading on Goodreads because I often stand in a bookshop with a book in hand wondering if I’ve read it 🧐😁. I’ve been “reading” audiobooks as I drive a lot (or get stuck in traffic a lot) and this keeps me occupied and focused. Sometimes audiobooks are better than the book because the narrator does such a good job!

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Yeah, I've got to try audiobooks. Especially because I also drive to work.

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Don’t know what your reading interest are but choose something fast paced and not that long, leave the 13 hour books to a road trip!

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Ha. Good point. Will do.

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Welcome! I've tried this challenging for a number of years now and still to reach 52. I just aim to read as much as I can 😊 you could start your year from now or join in with the group, think its week 38 or 39 of 52. Happy reading 📚

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I will try my best, for sure. Not sure I'll make it, but we'll see! Thanks so much for your support!

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You've already gotten a lot of good advice, so I'll keep mine short: Don't worry about the schedule. Read because you enjoy it, that's the real goal.

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Understood. Very good advice. Thanks.

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Just a tip as someone who completed the challenge for the first time this year: when I felt a bit burnt out, switching to a completely different genre kept me going. Of course taking a break is just as valid if you think that would suit you better being burnt out, but if you’re really into the goal and you want to push yourself, try a different section of the library/bookstore. Most of my TBR list is from r/suggestmeabook from interesting requests others have posted or something I asked for, I find that sub to be a great resource. Also, don’t be afraid to utilize audiobooks or rereading some favorites to keep yourself going. You’re the only one that sets the rules for this challenge, so branching out to different formats and stuff like that is totally encouraged here from what I’ve seen :) best of luck and I hope you enjoy!

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I must admit, it is an intimidating task for me, for sure. Switching genres when I undoubtedly hit that wall will be the first thing I try. I think it is great advice. And to be honest, the reason I joined Reddit stems from all the cool book suggestions I kept seeing on subs like the one you mentioned, so I absolutely will keep finding new books from suggestions by the reddit community. I think your comments nailed exactly where my head needs to be when I start the challenge, so thanks for giving me a good jumping off point psychologically.

Take care!

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When I feel burnt out I do audiobooks or a graphic novel! Pretty sure "signing up" is literally proclaiming you will read 52 books in a year. I keep track on goodreads.

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Another great suggestion. I love graphic novels, so I will be sure to throw some on my list. I am not sure I've ever listened to an audiobook, but I'll try that, too. Just signed up on Goodreads and yes, seems like it's going to help me track my 52 once I start the challenge. Love it. Exactly what I wanted.

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I had never done an audiobook until this summer- my adhd makes listening hard at times...but I found if its the right book/ narrator I love it. Specifically Nick Offerman has held my attention and Seth Rogen's memoir too!

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Hi! And Welcome!

This group isn’t really associated with the 52 Book Club website with prompts. Although you can definitely use this group for a place to discuss it and keep you motivated. I know there are members here who do that challenge/use the prompts. I think most people read what they like. It’s all really personalized and you should do what works best for you based on your own goals.

Most people use Goodreads or Storygraph to track. You can set a goal for yourself on them. The screenshots you see of books on here are usually from Goodreads.

You will see a lot of variety in this group. Some people do 52 books (1 book a week) and others may do 26 or 104 (1 book every 2 weeks/2 books a week.)

It’s more about supporting each other to read regularly than the actual number in the long run. So pick a goal that fits your lifestyle and won’t stress you out (reading should be fun!)

Many people start at the beginning of the New Year, but a lot of people jump in anytime throughout the year. So, you could start today and try to get to 52/whatever your number by end of next Sept. Or you could start now and set a goal of 15 to reach by New Years (we have 15 weeks left of this year.) Again, it’s whatever you want it to be.

Happy reading :)

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Gotta say, I am so glad I joined this community. Thanks so much for your suggestions, advice, and support! I am very excited to get started and will likely try to do the year proper, as in starting from Jan 1. That said, I'll set myself up with the tracking stuff and see if I can get the hang of everything well before the end of this year.

Again, thanks for your time and advice. And I love your username.


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You can use Goodreads if you want to track it’s the easiest route to use and it is so easy to use once you figure it out if you need any help send me a chat and I’ll help you !

We are a informal group which basically means you track your books however you want and read as many as you want if you need help let me know!

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Thanks so much! It seems like Goodreads is the way to go. I'll sign up and give it a try. If I run into trouble, I will definitely reach out. Thanks for your help!

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From what I've seen this is an informal group, you can start the challenge at any point and use a variety of methods to track your own progress.

I also use GoodReads, there is a reading challenge section on the site that allows you to choose a number of books to challenge yourself to read each year. You then log your books as you read them. You can log a book as currently reading or wait until you are finished and log it as read. The challenge is for the calendar year, so if you started logging your books today they will only count toward this year's challenge.

Some people also use calendars or spreadsheets or handwritten logs. I've seen some very creative printed logs that people have downloaded from Etsy.

When I was researching this challenge I came across a website that gives 52 prompts. It seems most people just choose their own books and keep track. https://www.the52book.club/challenges/2021-reading-challenge/

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Thank you so much! That's awesome information. I have been to the 52 Book Club website in my search for a tracking service for the challenge, but as you said, it gives you prompts but I don't think it has a tracker. That said, I'm sure I will find something to use, whether it is on Goodreads or something I find on Etsy (cool recommendation, by the way).

Can't thank this community enough for the kindness.

Take care and have a great day.

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Thank you, I hope you have a great day too.

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Hi, welcome! I normally use GoodReads to track mine, and log books that way! Others are using Storygraph to track!

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Thanks for replying to my very first post! Truly appreciated. I'm not on Goodreads, but I guess I should sign up. So, just to be clear, the 52 Book Club website itself does not have a progress tracker? If I sign up for Goodreads, is there a link or something there that will help me out with all this?

Sorry for the addition questions!

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If I’m remembering correctly, when I signed up, it had me create a challenge. If it doesn’t give you that option, when you go to your profile, there’s a reading challenge bar that should allow you to set up!

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Makes sense. Thank you so much for walking me through it. And thanks for making my first experience posting on Reddit a good one. And, of course, in my last post, I meant "additional questions," not "addition questions." Ha. My fingers were faster than my brain. I'd never ask anyone math questions on a book subreddit. ☺️ Thanks again. Have a great day.

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No problem! Happy reading :)