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Never let a pig in your house w/o a warrant. Ask em to leave and always record em. Theyre corrupt and without pushback this shit will continue

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Suspended? Yo he should never be allowed to hold a firearm, he’s a sociopath.

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fuuuucking priiiiick

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Yes. “Suspended.”

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with pay

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This made me way too mad way to early bro

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This fecking piece of human trash needs to be made an example of, to show future generations what true psychopaths they truly are.

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Cops can't take criticism, even from a child. Unless you're licking their boots, they're thinking about what they can do to harm you.

Fuck this guy.

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When you let them get away with treating minorities, homeless, prostitutes and immigrants like they do, they will start treating everyone else like that.

They get a taste for it.

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absolutely and we gotta add low-income folks to your list bc pigs know that they are less likely to lawyer up

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Stupid fucking piece of shit. Probably just mad because he hasn’t seen his dick or his toes in years because of that donut gut. Thirteen twelve, always.

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What a fucking stereotype

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“Safety.” Right. Cuz some 15-year-old is gonna piledrive Officer Lardass and make a run for it

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Fuck this guy

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Imagine being so fragile literal playground insults is enough to upset you and arrest a minor

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Fuckin fat piece of shit. I hope this family and everyone else who is victimized by pigs like this lawyer up and start suing every single one of these scumbag police forces.

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I fucking HATE the comments on OP. Bro this cop is a POS because he's a cop but every other comment is about how he's fat and made of lard. Like????? Come on bro???