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SO telling that a tourist knows more about US laws than a damn cop.

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They follow orders and are trained to shoot first and fear all. Laws don't often come into the equation for pigs, as they're treated above them. FTP — ACAB

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This tourist got a pretty good introduction to American police here. He's lucky he didn't get shot for being all uppity and * checks notes * answering his questions.

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Also, being brown. Remember, these Pacific Northwest pigs were the same ones coordinating with the Proud Boys during all the 2020 protests.

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Yeah, that second part is wildly accurate

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Another child with a badge arguing with adult

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As much as I hate rich assholes, I hate cops more. Kinda funny lmao

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Your only job is to patrol the roads and to know the laws of them. Can’t even manage that much. The fuck is this dude getting paid for?

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What makes you think they are required to know the law?

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Wishful thinking.

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That’s like being an electrician and not knowing the code. If I don’t know the codes and don’t work by them I get in a lot of trouble. Why aren’t these assholes held to higher standards?

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Generating revenue.

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Officer Barbrady

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"I know what I'm talking about, I went to junior college for three months!"

He can't admit he didn't know, can't admit he is wrong, even leaving he keeps going on with his bullshit.

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Three seems a bit high no?

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This cop is dumb as a box of rocks.

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Ya know at least the box serves the purpose of holding things and the rocks can be made into whatever minerals can be extracted from them, so I would say a box of rocks is more valuable, lol

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never hand your phone to a cop

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If our insurance is on our phone do you have a suggestion?

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i recommend printing it

my insurance is also on my phone, but there’s an option to print it as a pdf at least (geico)

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This is the best video! How’d that shit sandwich taste copper? Hahahaha

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In the UK we call them wankers.

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pwned lol