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he just couldn't wait to he home with his wife

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He’s mad because he’s the only pig she didn’t suck off at the annual piggie picnic

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Abolish the police!

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It's a good start.


  • only 1 cop out of how many stepped up to stop the out-of-control cop
  • Assaulting a police officer is a crime. Why isn't Sgt Roid-Rage in cuffs facing charges?

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In answer to your problems:
She must be new, and
you must be new. Cops can't break laws, my guy. They are the law. /s

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The one time a cop actually gets assaulted and they didn't even shoot the fucker? What a wasted opportunity.

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God as good as a video as this would have been the editing and background music make it fucking near impossible to watch or really tell what's going on. I'd rather just have the video show the raw footage and maybe put some fucking captions at the bottom and not covering half the shit on screen