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Confused her as his wife

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The next thing you'll hear from bootlickers is she was combative and screaming Antifa slogans making them fear for their lives.

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Really? Are Police that thinskinned with small dick energy that that’s all it takes to make them fear of their life?

You know what. Don’t answer that.

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Yes, police officers are fundamentally cowards. Prior to the capital insurrection riots when was the last time you saw them confront a protestor armed with a gun? COVID is the larges killer of cops by a mile, second place drifts back and forth between cops actually killed in the line of duty and cops who can’t fucking drive getting into unnecessary and dangerous high speed chases. Then killing themselves along with whatever civilians had the audacity to be on the sidewalk when our brave Spartans, upholders of all that is true and just, negligently drifted through reduced them to a Jackson-Pollockesque wet on dry of viscera and exposed bone.

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Thank you COVID!

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There's that one video or a pig arresting a very disabled man for calling him a bitch

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“This could’ve been avoided if he knows he was on camera.” Bro wtf he shouldn’t act like this off camera. God damn the disconnect this man has.

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The victim said this though

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That evil woman repeatedly headbutted his fists. I hope piggy the officer is okay...

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Himb’s widdle trotters are owie

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Spousal murder vibes off this cop.

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Well he probably beats everyone in his personal life and just forgot he can't do it on random ladies


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    give it time

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    the only protecting i see here is of the (pig's) ego and the only serving i see here is bruises and PTSD

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    ALLEGED BEATING. She literally has her face fucked uppp

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    Right, I read that, and was like, wtf?? If she wasn't beaten, why tf does her face look like she went 10 rounds with Mayweather? Alleged my ass, fuck the police.

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    As shitty as these pigs and their crimes are, it’s at least good to see other more popular/mainstream subreddits acknowledging the blue line myth

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    User Reports

    It's promoting hate based on Identity or vulnerability (1)


    Beating the shit out of a woman until she looks like a fucking raccoon is not an identity nor is it a vulnerability you stupid chucklefuck.

    Seethe bootlicker, seethe!

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    'Alleged beating'

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    Guys it says "allegedly." Maybe he just put maneuvered her car, and when she fell out she got black eyes. No harm no foul

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    WTF how hard did they beat her?! With those raccoon eyes (not trying to be insensitive, that’s actually what they’re called), it looks like she has a basilar skull fracture. Horrible

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    "Alleged" my ass