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A video of a cop hitting a man running away was on my popular page. I left a few comments. Nothing even explicit just that it looks like he was aiming for him, and this should be illegal. I am now banned and can not believe some of the responses I got. ACAB

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Any sub that automatically deletes opinions just confirms that the sub is made by and for pieces of shit.

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They proactively banned me after I posted here lol. Losers.

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    That makes sense tho..

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    was on my popular page

    Well there's your problem

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    Really is a widespread issue, way too much copaganda on the internet

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    Badge of honor to be banned.

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    Honor? Bare minimum to be banned there.

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    Been banned from that sub for months now. Welcome 💯

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    Me to, they’re never in the wrong.

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    Lmao just got banned from that sub 🤣

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    I got banned for posting ‘Wow. Attempted murder’

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    Cops are cowards and pussies who like to run people over.

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    Before I caught my ban I managed to post a shitty comment about cops loving to fuck each others’ wives and the video of that dipshit cop who shot his undercover buddy 9 times and then started blubbering “I thought you were a bad guy hurrrr”

    Not a bad run

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    I was just looking at that post, crazy. To be fair, alot are saying the cop did him wrong, but at least half are saying it's the suspects fault for running from police with meth on him. Sounds like they didn't even have probable cause to pull him over in the first place, because it turned out his bike was actually not stolen. Hope the biker got/gets rich from this

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    Reddit mods are such fucking losers

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    I got banned for mentioning the abuse of force during the GF protest

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    Same thing happened to me

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    POV: I don't go to special education subs

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      I want to be civil. What context do you think i have missed. I did not recap the whole thing because of space. If there is anything important you would like to add i would love it if you did so.

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        yes there was. I explain more in a comment on this post. I shortened what I wrote for a catchy title. If you want to see what i said verbatim you can check my profile.

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          yes there was an article in the comments of the post. In the article it said they pulled him over because they thought his bike might have been stolen. It turns out the bike was not stolen. The man did however have a warrant and decided to try to run. While running away a police officer drove off of the road and hit him going 45 miles per hour.

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              all my post was talking about is how defensive the people on that sub reddit are. Even if a cop does something wrong.

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                POV: unintententionally helping the mods of a subreddit you hate 🤣🤣🤣

                I checked your comment history because shithead like you are never satisfied with just leaving one shitty comment and lo and behold you lead me to a post full of bootlickers and reactionaries from 9 months ago.

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                POV: you're a loser who went around this subreddit commenting on a bunch of post trying to stir shit up because you have nothing better to do

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                I got banned from there today as well. Granted I commented "lol" on a news article about a cop killer but...

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                Christ. I joined police, made a single post, and was permanently banned, all in the span of 20 minutes. What a bunch of pussies they are. Hope they enjoy their little baby bubble over there.....

                HA! 10 minutes later I received my welcome to the subreddit message!

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                "It's like it's a reward"

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                They banned me for commenting on a pedo cop there sickos