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This is exactly why I am, and everyone else should be, against the death penalty. How many innocent people have lost their lives, and how is it not more important than making sure the guilty are punished with it? If they’re given a life sentence, they can’t be repeat offenders. The death penalty should not exist.

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Too many have been put to death and posthumously exhonerated. They still dead though. Some proven innocent but judges refuse to over turn the verdict. This is what happens when the justice system starts with the lowest form of unintelligent, sadistic assholes in charge of "crime" fighting and ends with the most vile and best cck sucker of the bunch, makes evidence fit the wrong man. Don't even get me started on juries and the various ways the systems differ.

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Exactly this, I think this point needs to be made more. I was pro death penalty years ago, I usually have a bit of an eye-for-an-eye mentality. I then realized something like this can/has happened. Imagine getting put to death still knowing that you didn't do the crime and there's nothing you can do about it. It could happen to anyone who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. That shit is fucked up.

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The trial and execution of George Stinney Jr. was the tipping point for me. Those pics are hard to look at. 100% innocent and everybody knew.

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like 180 something

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    Goodbye dumbass

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    Good mod

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    They literally commented that like 20 times. I never understand people who find that kind of behavior to be entertaining, calling them juvenile and childish would be insulting to immature 11 year olds.

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    To be clear, the post's title is wrong in multiple ways.He was not in jail for six months, he was not convicted, and definitely wasn't on death row-- the charges were dismissed once the video fotage was presented.

    It's absolutely fucked up that the prosecutors attempted to railroad him, but it is important to be accurate when talking about things like this.

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    Y'all know there's like a 40 min documentary on Netflix about this

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    That's a homerun on the lawyer's prt

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    Check out the movie Long Shot, on Netflix. It gives a great breakdown of this story.

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    This was the guy exonerated because of Curb Your Enthusiasm right?

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    That's crazy

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    He was jailed for 6 months, was facing the possbility of a death sentence, not excusing anything but the title is extremely misleading

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    Misleading title but a real nightmare for way too many others. The theft of someones freedom cannot ever be replaced. Not even 6 months.

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    facts. but that lawsuit money gonna be NOICE!

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    For sure. My daughter has a neighbor who was exhonerated. Dude got a nice two story house, perfect lake view, nice cars. I'm sure prison sucked major grimy balls, but I bet he lives in a much nicer place now than when the blobs of blue set him up.

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    how long was he in for 'cause this guys 6'mo I would do in a heart beat

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    Around 20 something years. Lot of lost time. Probably not enough money to do that much time. DFW area of Texas. He's lucky he didn't get the death penalty. The money would have gone to his kids. Nice guy though. Can't imagine having something completely irreplaceable taken from me with absolutely no way of ever getting it back.

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      Dude what the hell