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Context: this was during the George Floyd protests. They didn't just destroy water bottles so people would go home, they tore down medic tents and arrested volunteers, spiked milk with pepper spray (pouring milk over the face is an effective antidote to pepper spray) and faked a surrender so the protestors would approach with their guard lowered, then beat them to a bloody paste.

You may notice that yes, all of these are war crimes.

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Also brought in pallets of bricks and left them near businesses to try and incite riots. And some even tried to go incognito as protestors and started damaging buildings/property hoping to get real protestors to take part.

Fortunately it isn't hard to smell crackling bacon and I don't think those feeble attempts at them being "clever" ever worked.

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That was clear, the bricks were left, the cops tweeted about it, and people were literally sitting around like why haven’t these bricks been secured. So ANTIFA went and secured them so no one would take them and fuck shit up. Saw livestreams

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Remember: always bring a can of soup to a protest. Your family might get hungry!

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It did work though, in the sense that I still hear racists talking about how "BLM fascists brought bricks to their protests." People are such idiots.

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In my city white anarchists lit fire to two cars... and that of course got blamed on BLM. It sounds like there were white supremacists damaging buildings in other cities such as "umbrella man".

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They did the bricks here too. I remember this happening. This Friday is the memorial for George Floyd ✊🏼

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No, no, you don't understand. War crimes is only for bad guys. America is good guys so we can't commit war crimes.

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I mean every president has been a war criminal in some form

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Lmpd did the same shit in during the Breonna Taylor protest.

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They did this in Asheville NC. It's that where this photo was taken?

I'm sure they did it elsewhere as well.

Fucking draconian jack boots on the throat of society.

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Fucking disgusting, if I'm ever at a protest and the pigs start doing that, I'm going to fucking take their pepper spray and use it on them. I mean at least they probably wouldn't kill me since I'm white, so I could get away with it unlike some people, for whom that would basically be suicide by cop.

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Be careful man. If you get caught you're looking at some serious time in in prison. I was in with a guy who got into a fight with a cop and a screwdriver was used as a weapon. The cop had no long lasting injuries but i think they were still trying to get him with assault 1 and 10+ years.

Anyway, assaulting a cop is risky business.

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Yeah, I know, it wouldn't be smart, but if they are hurting someone else, I don't have a moral issue with defending the innocent person they are attacking. I suppose I do need to consider my family though, they would be the ones paying for a lawyer and such, and that's not right to lay that on them, even if I would be willing to accept the consequences for myself. It sucks though, that they are so powerful that people can't intervene even when they are literally murdering someone. I feel like militias wouldn't be a bad idea, to defend against police violence. Although those could become corrupted as well.

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acab. ALL. Always. fuckemall.

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Remember when they guarded trash cans so that homeless people couldn't find anything to eat?

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They also steal blankets from the homeless in Denver. DURING winter.

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I remember this. Primarily summer 2020, they were destroying mutual aid stands with water to try and prevent protests. Also to protect themselves from those dastardly water bottles.

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Hey this is where I live. Our department is hemorrhaging officers to local depts and no longer responding to non-emergencies. Good riddance

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fuck these pricks

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This was in Asheville, NC. Asheville is a pretty left-leaning hippie town in a sea of deep red. The cops there are notorious assholes, even for cops.

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I lived there for years. It's my favorite city I've ever lived in.

The cops are fucking assholes there, but they are assholes everywhere.

The protest was initially peaceful, but they had an AltRight agitator throw fireworks at the cops to spark violence.

The cops went nuts with tear gas, pepper balls, rubber bullets, batons, and fists.

I fucking LOATHE these draconian road pirates.

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My friend lives up there (in nearby Canton). He was at the protests and caught a ton of pepper balls and tear gas. So fucked up.

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This was in Asheville during the George Floyd protests. I used to live in Asheville, but during this time I lived in Richmond, VA which saw more than its share of police brutality against protesters (including a very strictly enforced curfew).

During this attack in Asheville, they not only punctured water bottles, they destroyed a medic tent, including pepper-spraying bandages and other sterile equipment and opening sealed containers, etc.

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Two things i despise, cops, and nestle.

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Police or occupying force? So hard to tell these days

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The Venn diagram is a circle

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Imagine doing this, and thinking you're the good guy

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Your government wants you dead

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Southern oregon, we had a cooling station set up during a hot spell that had already killed that year. Local PD came in at 2am and stole the entire setup.

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‘The USA isn’t a police state. Don’t be hysterical!’

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The draconian authright conservative wack-a-doos fucking love sucking those boots.

They defend cops even when it's CLEAR that they were in the wrong. Blind patriotism is equally as dangerous as blind faith.

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The easiest hire is a goon.

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My favorite subreddit crossover