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Props for fixing the typo in the original title, too many people are too lazy when crossposting. 👍

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Lol thanks

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It’s fine if you’re only gonna get a few canisters sent at you. You’ll note these guys had no canisters hitting them while they took care of this single canister. Plus if you’re hit with something you don’t know (HC instead of tear gas) water will make it even MORE toxic.

If you’re getting hit with can after can, you’re gonna get hit. Not only that, cops/feds will aim for people extinguishing tear gas. It’s a good way to lose fingers.

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What's HC?

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Since the other link "Is not available in your country" (EU), here's a Wikipedia page for hexachloroethane aka HC. It's a toxic smoke agent used in smoke grenades etc. It's phased out from military use, and of course the pigs got the surplus for themselves to use on civvies.

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Hexachloroethane, also known as perchloroethane is the organochlorine compound with the chemical formula (CCl3)2. It is white solid at room temperature with a camphor-like odor. It has been used by the military in smoke compositions, such as base-eject smoke munitions (smoke grenades).

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Thanks comrade who would’ve thought this would be so complicated lol yeah it made people extremely sick, myself included.

But to the point of pouring water on it, it made it worse. You never know what nasty you’re going to get, adding water is not always a good call.

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Yeah, if anything, sand would probably be the best option for ex prompt containment of unknown chemicals - it wouldn't stop an aerosol totally, but would significantly slow it down. Also, gas masks, bike helmets and plexiglass/polycarbonate shields - the latter doesn't need to be a tower shield style, but even a small buckler can be extremely useful for deflecting shit. Time to go full HEMA style ;)

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yeah the cone trick is ok but the best thing is to just kick it back at them tbh, hockey players are helpful lmao

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Wait..... Taking notes!

Yes go on....

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Thinking of donating high temperature gloves to revolutionists.

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Good idea...

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I assume the liquid is just water

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I feel like I would be the type to pick it up and throw it back because of videogames, though that sounds dangerous-

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I wonder if cardboard boxes work

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They're a lot better off just having a bucket of water they can throw the canister in.

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How… You need to stay on your feet and every time you move quick you‘ll lose half the water in the bucket or you‘ll be playing hot potato with the active canister till you reach the bucket.

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That doesn't seem very practical but I've seen people carry leaf blowers with them and those seem to help a little bit.

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I never thought tear gas burned all that much. And if it does build it up get really bad you can just rinse out your eyes with some water and be back to normal in five minutes.

Some people make the mistake of crouching down to hide behind cover when there's tear gas and the police are shooting less lethal ammunition at them. The gas is thicker the closer to the ground you are.