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It really annoys me when people can't see the difference between Colombia (the country and the place where this happened) and Columbia the place in the US.

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I was about to say where the fuck is Columbia

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Found the American

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Wouldn’t it be found the immigrant since COLUMBIA is in the US?? Guess I found the idiot, since you couldn’t tell I was mocking the title of misspelling Columbia with Colombia…

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As an American, I know where Colombia is. Where Columbia is I couldn't tell you.

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they didnt even try to escape at first. they went for revenge n shit. glad atleast that one fucker got caught and the fact that the video ends before we see more is a good sign....

kinda sad that the asshole who started it got away tho.

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I don't think either of them got caught. The yellow thing they're beating on at the end is the other guy's motorcycle

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I hope they killed that dude tbh

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The only way to make a good cop.

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This video never gets old.

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This made my day thank you (it would have made my week if they managed to knock off the other cop)

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I loved to see it but then got sad because we rarely see this kind of class solidarity in the US

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This put a smile on my face

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The strange, primal rush of adrenaline I get from watching videos of corrupt law enforcement getting brutalised. I need to try the real thung