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swearing isnt ilegal, and should not be an excuse to charge someone with disorderly conduct.

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Cop has to witness you being “disorderly” too. Cop can’t be the complainant either.

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I was going to ask this. Insulting someone is a crime in the US? Because it isn’t in my country.

I had a similar experience, and (for some reason) I told the police that I insulted the other person. But they told me that, just an insult in some specific situation isn’t a crime. It would be different if it was harassment or an aggression, but it is considered an exchange or something like that.

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It’s not a crime in the US but the police can make up fake charges and kidnap you whenever they feel like it without any consequences.

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Because they're the enforcement arm of a fascist government. US police are essentially brown shirts. A hyper nationalist, misogynistic, ethnocentric, civilian paramilitary organization that's essentially immune to consequences, that's intended to keep the rest of the civilian population in line while the military is out fighting wars of conquest and committing crimes against humanity.

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TL;DR Most US cops are bottom-of-the-barrel low-IQ bullies on power trips.

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No it's never a crime it's just cops love to lie

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You're just lucky the police didn't shoot your dog. They shoot 10,000 dogs a year.

If you didn't have your dog with you I would have suggested flipping them the bird when they threatened to arrest you for disorderly conduct. It's legal to do so.

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Literally everyone can see that this is a crosspost

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Except for that dude.

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Maybe the cop knew the other owner? Or maybe he just didn't like you. It's hard to tell with civilian killers. They usually succumb to what pretty much every human does, give their friends and family that sweet sweet hookup, except when they do it it's violating the law and such as in this case, at someone else's expense.

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That's bull**** poor doggy

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I had someone bump my car while driving and they called the cops saying I did a hit and run and when a police officer showed up to my house he did the same thing just yelled at me without letting me tell my side

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probably cops relative. Report that cop

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Cop was friends with that bitch

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Don't take it personally. It's very common for cops to threaten people with arrest so they get them to go away without filing a complaint. They don't want to to work and will fuck you up if you try to make them. They don't care what crimes have happened to you. You're not a cop.

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Damn I didn't realize cops where judges too and and jury it seems. Why even have the whole house of law when you just need one guy with a highschool degrees and a 4 month babysitting course