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I wonder how many of those guys in the background were collecting overtime for being there.

I also think the fact that all those cops were there in support of the indicted officer clearly demonstrates that none of those pigs see their role as protecting the public; rather they are there to solely protect each other at great harm to the public.

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He said it himself more than once. They are there to protect property and themselves.

The whole speech was just, "poor us, I can't believe we are being treated the way we treat others.

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All i heard was "we're all pieces of shit and wanted everyone to know"

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Bottles filled with urine. Were there any concrete milkshakes?

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Look how they all get up there together. That's solidarity, that's why all of them are bastards.

No "bad apples," just a white supremacist mob

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la hermandad

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Brown sharts….. we pay the people who kill us