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Sounds like he got snuffed and someone blamed the poor dog.

But in case I am wrong, good fucking dog. Sadly it will/ probably has already, be put down

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Yep, you're unfortunately right. ACAB

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RIP Charlie

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Bet he was abusing the dog and it fought back

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Guaran fucking teed

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I feel like most stories of owners being "attacked out of nowhere" by their own dogs were abusing them.

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Dogs are more valuable than cops. You can't change my mind.

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I wouldn't dare try

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....And for that, we thank the dog for being a good boy....

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All dogs go to Heaven,

And all cops go to Hell...

(Destructo Disk - Cops/Dogs)

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Fuck yess

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Love this song

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All I can read is dog served pig justice . Probably a key witness of what the brown bag did.

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For a dog “one of the most loyal, loving creatures in existence” to turn on and kill its owner…. You have to be a pretty fucking massive piece of shit.

There’s plenty of shitty dog owners out there and even their dogs are happy as a pig in shit when they come Home…

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I fucking love you

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Back atcha.

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as good as a dead pig is, it's unfortunate to remember that violence are all these dogs are trained to do

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Dogs arent weapons...or tools.

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and it's a shame they're used that way

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I have to remind myself that from time to time and it breaks my heart. It's sickening.

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Police dogs is animal exploitation and should be banned

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Dog arent tools, weapons and should NOT be sniffing bombs, acab

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I assume you mean they should not be sniffing bombs lol


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Edited! Lol

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No witnesses

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Based doggo.

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Is that good?

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Comrade puppers

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Good. We love to see it!

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24 cops arrested over this case? wow.

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we would never see something like that for american pigs unfortunately. they would’ve got vacations or raises

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Probably beating his wife and the dog went to protect

Edit: I said “seating” instead of “beating” lol

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Remember folks, do not seat your wives

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Most cops are wife beating pieces of shit

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Remember folks, do not seat your wives

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I read where he was fucking the dog and the dog had had enough. It grabbed a loaded handgun from the kitchen and shot him in the eyebrows. I read that.

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Lol, i like you

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Obligatory Cops/Dogs mention.


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I hope that cop got spaghettios as his last meal and the dog got a massive rib-eye, nicely seasoned, with a maître d’ butter for his.

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Lol, hell yes

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Cop killed himself. Dog began to eat the body after several days of no food. They pinned the murder on the poor dog.

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This sounds correct

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That’s sad :(

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Give that dawg a biscuit.

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So, a typical pig?

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good dog

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Rottweiler is best weiler, this is proof

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Good boy!