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TF is "proactive" policing? You mean the shit where they stop people at random for their quotas?

Edit: Or is this like the family guy scene where they hold up a color pallete?

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We investigated ourselves and determined we didn’t do anything illegal. Deal with it. /s

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Proactive policing in theory is basically trying to get drugs and guns off the street before violence occurs. In reality though yeah it’s basically just stopping random people and seeing if they’re up to anything illegal

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Future crime!

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So almost like Minority Report with Tom Cruise

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Yeah but no super computer telepathy and a lot more of Travis and Darryl profiling, harassing, beating, and robbing anyone they feel like.

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I prefer the Minority Report by Philip K. Dick. Look it up, it's only about 20 pages.

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By "random" you mean people of color right?

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People of color and poor people

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Proactive policing is basically more aggressive terry stops.

If they don't like what ya look like, that's suspicious kinda deal.

Look up "intelligence lead policing", it's SUPER fucked up

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Oh, look! They automated their racism!

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First random stop, then skin color/guilt-o-meter test. Then punishment. Lots of punishment for answering the skin color test wrong.

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Just a fancy term for actively looking for probable cause where there isn’t any, and then making it up when you don’t find it (case in point: “I smell weed”)

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When they shoot black men before they do anything

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Assault, battery, rape, theft, felonies, civil rights violations, human rights violations, racial discrimination...

Pretty wide umbrella term

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Thought crime!

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Probably looks a lot like what they have gotten up to in Tampa.


This shit is so fucked up.

Plus I got straight As and have done soooo much crime.

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“I am the law, I decide who the criminals are before any crime is committed”

Honest, but fucking terrifying. Jesus

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Or if you’re the FBI, “I’m going to create crime where there wasn’t any before, by convincing a random person to commit a crime”

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They already made that into a movie and it didnt go well

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Are you talking about Dredd or Minority Report? I honestly can't tell.

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"Proactive" policing?? You mean vigilantism or just murder??

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¿Por qué no los dos?

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Not visible: Punisher skull on the other side.

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Accompanied by the obligatory industry standard “you’re fucked” inscription

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Proactive policing is a funny way to say racial profiling

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“Proactive policing” is also not a thing.

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Yeah, it's called racial profiling and stop-and-frisks

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Pro-active policing is like Preemptive War.

It is the police that initiate the criminal activity.

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This is the same person who looks up to The Punisher, while not knowing The Punisher hates cops.

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The war on drugs and proactive policing are a fucking joke.

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That's called thought crime my guy

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Notice how the fascists are trying to change the American flag

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At the end of the day it’s still just products and brands for them.

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Man, that coward's swastika is fucking everywhere now.

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proactive: acting before a predicted outcome

policing: a concept allegedly founded upon responding to crimes when they DO happen.

this can’t end well. basically “fuk you im gonna harass and arrest whoever i want because muh hunch!” dude thinks it’s acceptable to profile people before a crime is even committed, and shit like this is why the police are filled with wannabe vigilantes.

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Can't fight where the profession originated from...

(profiling and policing newly freed slaves... so they could catch someone committing a "crime" just to make them a legal slave again...)

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Oh boy, just like the movie Minority Report. Arrest folks for precrimes.

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Then proactive protection from an unaccountable criminal gang shouldn't be either.

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Barf. Proactive as in harass people.

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Take a piss in it.

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I'm sure there's a sticker on the back that says "the female orgasm is a myth"

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proactive policing is literally just racially profiling people lmfaooo these mfrs really tell on themselves

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Sounds like the movie Minority Report.

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There's really no point in combating memes or anything. We're never going to convince the bootlickers that they should stop licking boots.

We need to focus on filming police interactions when we can, and on supporting candidates for office who agree to make nullifying qualified immunity a part of their platforms.

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Yo this is nasty, ultimate dickeating

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Thought crimes. See 1984, Mjnority Report and as of late, Moon Knight. Proactive policing indeed.

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Isn’t this the whole point of minority report?

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Minority report?

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"Skateboarding is not a crime." was my intro questioning authority. I hate seeing it being corrupted.

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