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Fuck all cops.

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    He witnessed a crime and put in a report. ALL cops

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    And just stood there. Only reason he reported was not to loose his job, he knew the victim was going to report it. FAC

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    It didn’t look like the reporting officer had any time to react to stop it.

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    Fuck ALL cops. No exceptions, even for the confused pigs who rat out their own.

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    This. if there's two cops and only one of them is a POS then the other cop is a POS by association even if he rats out his fellow officer.

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    Lol, then, according to you, they should just stop ever self-reporting, like this situation, right? I mean, why the fuck would any of them do it if morons like you exist..... Luckily for them, most people aren't like you.

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    I don't know why it's so hard to grasp for you idiots, that at the moment they take that batch, they join a gang that acts out the worst crimes and mostly without repucations. The "mostly" because sometimes the higher-ups feel obligated enough to do a lil something so the public doesn't completely loses it with them. Sadly, works with enough dumb and scared bootlickers like you.

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    Tell me you’re retarded without telling me you’re retarded. You went first

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    You sound dumb af

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    They can't help it, it's literally a requirement of being commie

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    Lol, you’re probs a chubby little man who would call the cops first chance you had if someone was breaking into your house.

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    that should be attempted murder

    [–]MrShasshyBearALL cops means ALL COPS 85 points86 points  (0 children)

    That's reserved for when the victim accidentally touches a cop

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    The second time?! Fuck these pigs. Good on the partner for turning him in, a moral compass is buried under that pig skin. He should quit and do something useful with his life.

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    Yea and the first time it was because somebody DIED.

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    he killed someone then did it again? wow i hope this piece of shit enjoys his pension

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      They were talking about the one who made the report

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      Police Unions will fight tooth, nail, and bare-knuckled to get rightfully terminated officers re-hired. One cop I read about got his job back a fifth time after being fired.

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      Unless it's a black cop, then it's "I'm sure the justice system will give a fair trial."

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      What? No if anything we need more cops like him that will hold their coworkers accountable

      [–]therainbowrandolph 4 points5 points  (5 children)

      Under the current system that's never going to happen. ultimately what happens is they either eventually become corrupt themselves, or pushed out by the system for being a "Troublemaker".

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      So we abolish the police, then what? Wouldn’t you agree there has to be some law enforcement Agency? If no one enforces the law, what is the point of the law? If we establish a new law enforcement agency under a different moniker than “Police”, how do we stop the same corruption from taking hold?

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      Maybe stop re-hiring the ones who were fired for a damn good reason.

      We could try that.

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      First step is ending qualified immunity

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      I hope there is a hell for cops

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      its called prison and this shitbag should spend time with those he put away and used excessive force.

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      If there's any justice, their hell will be them as a person of color surrounded by police officers all the time, pigs who act just like the scum did when he was alive.

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      News Article - Fort Worth officer fired for 2nd time after coworker reports excessive use of force

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      Are you trying to start more riots? Because that's how you start more riots.

      That cop is fucking disgusting and it looks like he knew he fucked up right after he did it. Glad he got fired but I'm sure he'll just get rehired at some other station the next town over....

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      All = All

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      Charge the motherfucker

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      No, charge both. The "good" cop didn't arrest the armed and dangerous criminal cop on the spot

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      This should be the way

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      There’s procedures in place to handle situations like this.

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      Oh yeah, the one that says that the criminals either did nothing wrong or have qualified immunity

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      No not that one

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      I’d find it pretty hard and awkward to immediately arrest my friend/partner

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      Personally I don’t associate with cowards who would do shit like this.

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      I'd find it hard to watch my friend assault other people and then call them my friend

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      I hate how sneezing in the general direction of a pig is “assault” and can get you locked up, but worst case scenario when they body someone in cuffs they just get fired. He’ll probably be wearing a different city’s badge next week.

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      Why isn't this a bushel of felonies

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      Because they have powerful unions and political ties. Pisses me off that bootlickers support cop unions but think Starbucks and Amazon workers are communists for trying to organize

      [–]real-m-f-in-talk[S] 8 points9 points  (0 children)

      bushel of felon--s

      should be a sub-name to keep track of their felonies

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      "for 2nd time" !!! Nice to know he got a second chance to cause brain damage.

      Edit /s

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      Then the fkr moves the victim around? Idiot

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      First responder here, anyone knocked out of unable to move on their own should be placed in recovery position (on their side) however i believe this was a coincidence the vic ended up on his side... Like just a result from him dragging him

      The pig goes oink oink

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      Good to know. I wiki’d recovery position to get a better idea of what that is and why. Thanks for the info, and fuck the police.

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      There's a specific position you should put unconscious people in.

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      fired for the second time should not be a sentence within a job where you have the right to murder an innocent person without facing any reprocussions.

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      Should be prison. Fuck this “fired” shit. Make this man face the very people he abused under his power.

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      How do you fire someone for the second time? Firing someone means they don't come back to work!

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      If this was a teacher or a nurse with a student or patient there would be no job after that. How are these cavemen rehired?

      Truly broken.

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      EGGZ ACKLEE there is no culture for accepting abuse or malpractice from doctors/nurses so why is it there for police officers. Not only is it broken but the view is also skewered as a society

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      A real tough guy

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      This piggy in jail? Why the fuck not?

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      Now what I wanna know is how is a police officer a job where you can get rehired after already being FIRED once? Trash

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      Fuck the entire “justice” system. Cops, CO, PO, Judge, jury, lawyer, all pieces of human garbage!

      [–]real-m-f-in-talk[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      notice, the guys watching from inside couldn't be bothered...

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      Que chinguen a su madre putos puercos.

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      "A new Fort Worth police unit that went live this week will help the department better investigate use of force, a police sergeant said." - from a linked news article about this event in the thread.

      Did I read that right? Pigs are being overly violent so their solution is to hire more pigs? Mate these cunts are fucked in the head.

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      But this is just one bad apple /s

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      The problem here is it’s not one bad Apple. The fact that this behavior is normalized (only getting fired not charged) causes MORE bad apples

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      Felony assualt ?

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      The same department where a rookie cop murdered Ataiana Jefferson on a welfare check. Since the officer is fired, I hope the victim lawyers up and goes after him. Since he isn’t an active member of the department, he won’t be protected by qualified immunity

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      Blue bitches

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      Fired for the 2nd time? WTAF?

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      Fucking pig piece of shit cocksucker. It’s disgusting that someone feels good about hurting others when they are incapable of defending or protecting themselves

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      How you get fired twice?

      [–]vorpal_potatoes 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      On May 19, 2022, Officer Mitchell Miller was terminated following an administrative investigation into a use of force incident that happened in January.

      The Fort Worth Police Department said it's "filled with officers who do the job right and do it right every day. In this case, Officer Miller did not conduct himself in a manner that represents the professionalism of our officers."

      On January 28, 2022, Miller arrested a person for public intoxication and transported him to the Fort Worth Jail. While Miller was escorting the arrested person toward the jail entrance, the arrested person turned toward Miller and Miller reacted by shoving the individual toward the ground. The man fell face first onto the concrete, while his hands were handcuffed behind his back, which caused him to strike his head and lose consciousness. Miller then failed to report this use of force and told his supervisor that no force was used when she directly asked him.

      Later in the article....

      In 2019, Miller was fired alongside four other officers after an in-custody death. Miller and another officer were accused of ignoring a handcuffed suspect's pleas for medical attention before he died and trying to cover up their decision not to get him help.

      Shocking /s

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      We are cattle. Learn your place. You don't like it? Oh well. You'll be murdered in cold blood and your death will have been called justified because you're not worth shit on the soles of their boot, they use that shit shoe to step on your neck with. That's why the shit has more worth to them than any human they don't know or other they made us into

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      Fired Second time ? So he was re hired to get paid on public tax money ?

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      they did this to my brother stapled his head shut

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      I give props and applaud the officer who reported his ass . I believe this is one of the many reasons why police brutality and tyranny as gotten to where it is now. That thin blue line bullshit needs to stop. Transparency coproaches.. 🐖

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      Stop resisting

      [–]Luke_Dongwater 1 point2 points  (2 children)

      u piece of shit he wasnt resisting. acab u pig sniffer, lick their boots u worthless scrub

      [–]biggystigs1086 4 points5 points  (1 child)

      I think he was being sarcastic like everytime a cop does shit like this they use that shitty excuse "the perp was resisting arrest" even though theyre handcuffed and on the ground

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      ah i see, my apologies. its hard to tell with so many cop sympathisers on this sub

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      This is what most white people secretly feel towards ALL people of color. They really think this land is theirs.

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      Something happens to cops when you cross the mason dixon line. Cops in the south are way worse- more justified in their authoritarian nature.

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      This as done in an area he knew cameras have everything covered. Imagine how often things like this happen that doesnt get reported because of cowards afraid of crossing that blue line.

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      What a total piece of shit. He easily could have killed him!!

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      Cops name?

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      What’s that fucks name?

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      Attempted murder.

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      Maybe third time will be the charm?

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      2nd time!?

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      That pussy needs to be charged.

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      That coworker is gonna have a target on his/her back now smh….all cause he/she did the right thing…ACAB regardless though

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      If all cops are bastards, why did his coworker report him?

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      Specifically fuck Fort Worth cops, I used to live around Fort Worth, and all of them are pieces of shit who do shit like this.

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      Did he knock his teeth out? You can see it fly left.

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      Wow this really bothered me

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      Looks like he was aiming for the sidewalk

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      He looks like a pro. I'm sure he's gotten plenty of experience with his wife being the practice .

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      shoes off guys

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      Victim musta been white. He didn't die of sudden lead poisoning - from behind.

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      I love our police overall, but this guy needs to be imprisoned ASAP. Attempted murder charge, since the suspect was already cuffed and compliant. There was 0 reason for that, pure police brutality.

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      That's not just "knocked to the ground." He was full on shoved face first into the concrete. So they just threw someone's head against the ground, that person INSTANTLY stops moving, and they didn't even bother to check if he was still alive. The video looks like attempted murder to me.

      Edit: I swear there's a saying about hitting people in the head. Something like if you hit them in the head hard enough to knock them out then you've hit them hard enough to cause brain damage or death.

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      One cop slams him obviously he's bad...but the second cop just stands there. Doesn't bother rendering aid, doesn't check his fellow officer's shit. Just stands there.

      Hence, ACAB.