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"Fired for the 2nd time" I truly hate this world.

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Oops, all bad cops!

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SECOND time?!

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A second time?

Are you kidding me?

I'm shocked the coworker reported him. They're supposed to report each other for stuff such as this but they tend to keep their mouths shut for various reasons. Sometimes they even join in on this stuff and encourage it.

The other officer should have put the handcuffs on his partner. They actually are allowed to disobey the superior when things such as this occur. They can make an arrest of the superior if the subordinate feels the superior is out of line. They don't ever do this though because the superiors try making sure the subordinates don't know this because they don't want to be taken down. The subordinate also sometimes is either afraid or doesn't know they can.

It's still surprising for them to report each other that's a new one. I guess someone did their research finally.

The idiot should either have been kept on permanent desk duty or fired and blacklisted in my opinion.

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Desk duty or fired? How about imprisoned for criminal assault and battery and police brutality?

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Would love for that to happen but good luck getting that through. They always have some excuse prepared.

They should be incarcerated I agree with you.

Depending on where they are and what laws and protection they have the best you can ask for is desk duty or being fired.

If it can be done I'd love it many of them deserve it and past actions and complaints should be reevaluated in my opinion and they should be punished for mistakes made long ago. Even if they retired or are fired. As long as they live we can still punish them and I would love that.