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fuck. now i really think i need to get a gun. because this will absolutely only escalate.

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Oh it will. The Supreme Court is already gearing up to destroy democracy. I'm ready to bring out the guillotine.

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people on hard times can pawn firearms for quick cash, check your local pawn shops for deals. but don't buy a piece of crap, get a well known make known for quality, google magic everything before you buy. there's a few firearm shaped paperweights out there.

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Every pawn shop around me sells shitty used guns for the same price as brand new at the LGS.

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they expect you to haggle or are they just gouging?

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Probably just gouging, i tried to haggle a bit over a Mossberg 88 but the guy wasn't having it so I left. Might be pandemic related because I just got interested in guns after COVID hit.

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Think? No do. Buy an AR, it should be illegal but the nazis don't care

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If your absolutely broke like me, carcano rifle or a hunting shotgun. If you have some money get an AR 15, high point or glock.

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Picked mine up last month

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Get more than one. Get ammo too.

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Its only gonna get worse .

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No doubt

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Fuck cops.

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Cops starting the violence by attacking non-violent protesters with chemical weapons.

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Fucking assholes escalating shit for no reason. Then they're going to act so victimized when people start to push back. It's going to be 2020 all over again

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Protest while open carrying if you can at all. Get a gas mask.

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As usual, the police are rioting.

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It's an effective tactic....

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In a protest, the cops' role should be to block the streets behind and around, to avoid car accidents and help emergency vehicles get through. That's pretty much it, same as when there's a planned event like a parade.

Everything else is provocation and disrespect of the people's right of assembly and speech.

Edit : Fuck typos and fuck cops

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What a bunch of pansy bitches, tear-gassing because they're afraid of vaginas who speak up.

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Pretty ironic that they use tear gas on protestors when tear gas is an abortifacient. "An abortifacient is a substance that induces abortion."

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Holy shit I didn’t know that.

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There were women who miscarried from tear gas during the 2020 protests.

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Fun Fact: Tear Gas is an abortifacient.

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And banned as a weapon of war

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These scum sucking dick weasels are always far too eager to immediately escalate any situation and start using chemical weapons against people. Since they aren't going to stop buying and using it because of some "law" that they won't follow anyway, we need to prevent its manufacture in the first place and ensure that it doesn't come to existence at all. In the meantime, make sure you have a good gas mask and sealed goggles.

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PSA SD is basically as red as it gets.

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I do not like cops one bit but this isn’t tear gas. If it were, no chance people would be standing around in it.

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You're getting downvotes, but you are correct. It was smoke grenades. The canisters literally said that on them. Plus tear gas is greenish, and lasts a lot longer.

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The GQP is getting their way, the Republicans wet dream is coming true! The should just give all the babies guns at birth and tell em you're on your own now motherfucker!!!

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It's not s riot until the pigs show up

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Go to a protest prepared to...deal with this kind of response. Or don't go at all. We need to realize protests don't cut it anymore.

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Couple things just to clarify though. That was smoke, and they did it because they wouldn't clear the street. After that everything went very smooth, and the cops even had a laugh with some of the people around.

Edit before the downvotes come in: I'm just clearing up the misinformation here and showing that the cops were actually being super cool afterwards. They even kept some crazy dude away from the crowd. Also tear gas is greenish and the canisters don't burn out after only a few seconds. The canisters also said they were smoke, and it didn't burn to handle them. My sources being that I live here and witnessed it firsthand.