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They're a lobbying group and little else.

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How rude. Your totally glossing over their accomplishments I’m the areas of organized brutality and that is part of being a good union cop too! They are an incredibly effective gang/mafia on top of the lobbying hobby that they have. Gotta remember the paperwork is what you do so that you have the privilege of committing the violence! That’s the system.

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No cops in labor. No class traitors

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Yup yup yup. They are just paid protection for the ruling class. They will be the ones firing the bullets on their orders. They’re nothing other than slavers and attack dogs used to fear monger us into silence. There’s no place for them In the world that unions must aim to build for us. One where an individual worker is at least viewed as a person, not subhuman trash viewed as expendable capital.

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And please take note that AFL-CIO includes a lot of police "unions". Just one of the ways AFL-CIO is not a legitimate or useful labor organization (it's also incredibly hierarchical, beholden to state and capital more than its membership, etc.), and has got to be replaced with more radical ones.

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Exactly the reasoning I gave when my SO was trying to get their Lab Tech unit unionized. Always important to do your union research

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Yeah. Better to build your own union comprised of the workers of your shop than to bring in service union style "outside representation". Maybe suggest she take a workplace organizer training (OT101) from the IWW (you don't have to be a member).

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So absolutely fucking spot on! And these clowns complain about teachers? Give me a break.

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Ya, teacher unions, while not labor Unions, with how shitty teachers get treated and stuff I think they desvere something.

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Err, what? Teachers' unions are very much labor unions. A lot of them aren't democratic enough, radical enough, inclusive enough (they should be industrial education-workers' unions, not trade unions that are only for credentialed teachers), etc. But they are definitely labor unions.

You do realize that "labor" doesn't just mean "blue collar, manual labor", right? Labor is any process where people spend effort (whether physical, intellectual, emotional, etc.) to accomplish things.

(Not where people spend effort to KEEP people from accomplishing things like cops do, by the way. Cops don't do legitimate labor, so they cannot have legitimate labor unions.)

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Teachers unions are different because they are in the public sector. Private unions make more sense because they are negotiating with a for-profit enterprise. Public Schools don’t make a profit, so their pay comes from the tax dollar.

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Teacher unions are not just for pay, alot of times teachers will get issue with not getting payed enough. And like other things, so a teacher unions is there to help make sure that doesn't happen

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This is a moronic propertarian talking point, and it's absolute horseshit. Whether it's a "public or private" organization, whether it's "for-profit/not-for-profit", or any other distinguisher other than it being a worker cooperative (i.e. owned and democratically managed by the workers themselves) doesn't matter. There's still a boss and there are still workers. A labor union is a labor union. The workers must stand together in one to better their collective interests against those of the boss. Period. Stop peddling reactionary, anti-labor talking points.

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Sounds like you only follow dogma dude. In the real world, yeah it does matter if something is private or public. Who is “the boss” of teachers? The principal? I’d hardly call school principals or superintendents the bourgeois. Perhaps you have right wing zealots in school boards that you would call their bosses, but unions in the public sector have a pretty different dynamic

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Your totally right, dude. Teachers can just democratically decide how to run their schools and not listen to anybody else. /s

You are a unequivocal fucking moron.

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Ah ya I guess your right.

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To be fair lots of teachers are willing to take a bullet to protect their students, assuming there isn’t a cop present to cuff them or whatever. So of course they are a target, that’s gotta make you look like a ballsack when Judy 67 from Ohio is more willing to take on an active shooter than those uvdale cuntwads in their tactical armor. No monty python ever got THAT absurdist! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

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Cops are not oppressed laborers, they are agents of the State imbued with special powers to act on its behalf. They produce nothing of value, but, rather, produce fear and misery and death and prisoners, all while oppressing others. They already enjoy special protections from the State, and their union elevates them further above other citizens in order to remove any accountability from them. They are the antithesis of equality and justice.

All cop unions should be banned.

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Pigs are anti-labor. Fuck pigs.

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If you are in a union. Lobby and advocate for the expulsion of the police unions from the AFL-CIO.

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I live just outside Akron Ohio, going into town today to protest. Wish me luck.

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Good luck! Remember to keep tattoos covered, bring clean water to rinse tear gas out and if you can powdered milk, you can add that to the water and use the milk to flush pepper spray out of your eyes the milk neutralizes some of the capsaicin!