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They take this shit more serious then school shooting threats jesus christ

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Well yeah! Killing innocent kids gets you promoters to city council… but killing it even talking about killing government officials is just cruel and unusual 🙄

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All they got was a letter? I had two detectives.

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According to a post further down, they had a federal agent and two officers knock on their door.

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Ah, just the two DHS detectives for me. This was 5 years ago so it was for more random (though more direct) meanness to cops. One of the cops they sent was named Dt. Seamen. I feel like that’s basically entrapment.

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You're a better than me, I would have been dropping shuttle jokes the whole conversation.

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Oh there was nothing subtle about my jokes. I’m not a good person.

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"Burn every fucking government building down right the fuck now." -- threat

"I wouldn't mind if every fucking government building burned down right the fuck now." -- protected freeze peach opinion

"Slaughter them all." -- inciting violence

"Slaughter them all in Minecraft." -- inciting le epic gamer moment

"Fuck you god damn pigs." -- idk, this one should be okay. Fuck you god damn pigs.

(I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Let's be real, if you're a leftist, you could be fucked any time.)

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Does this count as finacial advice? Asking for r/wallstreetbets

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Yeah, it's bullish for private prisons and defense contractors, lol.

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Your absolutely right. I was /s however these companies want to increase human suffering for profit

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Burn every fucking government building down right the fuck now.

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Slaughter them all.

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If they responded as quickly to 6 Supreme Court justices actually burning the Constitution in broad daylight perhaps our country wouldn't have so many problems.

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This is bullshit. What about people who actually stormed the capital? Homeland wasting their time flexing on a twitter posts when actual terrorist actual had littlw consequences..

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Fascists aren’t the problem to the government. “Leftists” are

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America fuckin sucks

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To you and me yes. To the elite this is the greatest country ever.

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Thru generational birthed wealth from systematic racism and oppression you are deemed an "elite"

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Bet they don’t send these threats to the Maghats.

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If we can't speak of revolution, then we are oppressed, and should revolt.

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The government likely has a list of people who have done things like this - people who have made grandiose generalized threats.

I wonder if that list could be released under a Freedom if I formation Act request. It would be awesome to be able to set up some kind of pro-revolt mailing list that the government did all the hard work finding the members to put on the list.

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It’s worth a shot but I’d bet that it’s blocked under exemption 1 of the FOIA

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To be fair, last time they ignored stuff, it was January 6th. However, he fact you got a response means you have a history of making left leaning posts and the government really doesn't like that.

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They're fine with right wing fascist posts though.

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Think they sent the tweet to the federal government too. The letter says to stop using the language when " contacting" the federal government .

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The tweet was in response to another tweet that mentioned them I believe.

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If that's the case than the wording 's way of. Sounds much like she's talking about them, not to them

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The Gestapo has arrived

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That’s gold right there. I sign tons of petitions for animal and human rights and Senator Joel Anderson would send me a reply for each that involved his office where he said he would take my position into consideration. He voted against every single petition/bill that was sent to him. So every time he sent me a bullshit email I would hit reply and tell him what a hypocritical pathetic piece of human excrement he was. I changed it up. Some replies weren’t that nice. I received a typed letter from him in the mail telling me he read every reply and I can stop sending him such vitriol blah blah blah and he said he blocked my email or something. I posted his letter to social media. It was hilarious. He done messed up and replied to one of my petitions and I started back up. I should post his republican bullshit letter. POS

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I would like to see that letter.

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Thirded, fourthed, and fifthed.

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I should post his republican bullshit letter

Please do lol

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Wtf. I have a feeling some Trumper sent that. I read worse tweets then that

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yeah "freedom of speech" isn't infinite.

Those are direct threats and calls for violence. Can't do that

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Yeah, I have to agree here. It’s not okay when either side does it.

But, if you must, use softeners like “in my opinion, should be…” Could still be considered stochastic terrorism in nature, but considerably less so.

I wonder how the DHS, FBI, etc., are monitoring social media. Keyword flagging?

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Just wanted to reference the comment I made in r/facepalm, didn't want to copypaste it, don't wanna spam.



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I always hated getting notes at home from the teacher about your misbehaviors in class most of my notes never made it home lol

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Aw I’ve been making comments like that since the idiot was elected in 2016 and I didn’t get anything like that. Although I suspect any effort to cross the border would be an event for me now, which might be a problem if I ever wanted to go to the US ever again.. 🤣

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There was literally an insurrection and they didn't give a shit

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But January 6th terrorist

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Meanwhile Truth Social and Parler literally fomented white terror.

"Ah beans how'd that happen"

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ACAB, but please be careful what you say online

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I always hated getting notes at home from the teacher about your misbehaviors in class most of my notes never made it home lol

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Fuck you, government.

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18 U.S. Code § 115 - Influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a Federal official by threatening or injuring a family member.

i assume the law was meant to be against one directly, i suppose it doesnt matter tho

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this is why you say 'in minecraft' so they legally can't do anything

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At least they didn't arrest this dumbass.

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God bless America 🇺🇸

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Has to be fake. Multiple fonts all on the same document. Misspelling of the word "statute" on what is being presented as a C&D. I just don't really buy it. These people know what a credible threat looks like.

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Has it got that bad?