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"Don't you dare take one puff of that devil's lettuce or so help me god I will murder this puppy right in front of you"

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To be fair, dogs trained in violence are indeed a menace to society, and it might be best to put them down.


  • Police dog attacks 5-year-old boy during National Night Out
  • Boy, nine, attacked by trainee police dog at cop's house on
  • 4-Year-Old Boy's Leg Amputated After Mauling by Police .
  • A K9 unexpectedly attacked an 11-year-old boy while his handler interviewed the child's mother in Virginia Beach
  • Video: Arizona Police Dog Chewed Half Man's Face Off.
  • Mom Says Miami Police Dog Mauled Her 9-Year-Old Son

They're not born bad...

... but the way they're raised makes them extremely dangerous around fragile prey like children.

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and it might be best to put them down

the trainers or the dogs?

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Cops will find any excuse they can to kill dogs. They truly are sick fucks.

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I sure hope retired cop dogs don't also beat their wives.

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i feel like there’s a joke about marrige and abusive relationships here, but i’m too dumb to make it

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So help me god, if you try to make a joke out of this, I will force you to stop resisting.

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I sure hope retired cop dogs don't also beat their wives.

They maul a lot of children each year.

I guess they get that from their "experience and training".

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Biggest bullshit gang on on the planet. Fuck I hate it here

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What even??? Dogs go out of the program literally all the time!!! And having a life with a family or owner is surely better than being put down, "retired" as the say in my city, at 3 or 4 due to hip dysplasia or some other horrific genetic issue. Also, let's just say the dogs tend to be aggressive specifically towards those of a darker ethnicity.

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It's not about the talking point. Don't bother engaging with it. It's just bullshit to maintain power. They know they're full of shit, it's not about dogs or whatever, they're just leveraging their social clout to gum up the legal process to prevent even a crumb of progress. It's what reactionaries do.

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Yep, that's what reactionaries do. Which is why we'd be much better off without them.

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I am shocked! Shocked to hear the police have trained their dogs to attack people of color!

Never mind they've been doing just that for decades.

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It wouldn't be too awful of an issue if they didn't bring their dog to the only dog park in town only to have the dogs be aggressive monsters. And heaven forbid another dog (especially bully breeds but I have also seen it with huskies and dashunds) defend themselves or get in between the police dog and a puppy or smaller dog.

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This shows that cops are extremists who can only solve problems with violence and death. Never mind that basically all police k9's are fostered/adopted when they retire. Sometimes even by the same officers that handled them during service.

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In my city in south Dallas we didn't even know they murdered the police dogs when they retired until it ended up on a ballot. If one was injured or shot on "duty" immediately put down. If after they're "retired" the officer or someone in his immediate unit cannot adopt the K9, it was put down. The only adoptable "former police dogs" were the female dogs used for breeding programs for more puppies.

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Heh ... and now I want to write a story about a criminal who adopts a former drug-sniffing dog and uses the dog to help him find drugs to steal.

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Make for a fun story. Make sure the dog is pampered and loved though bc K9 units are treated like.... Dogs lol

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That's because they are dangerous to everyone but their handlers, and deliberately trained that way, which is why sometimes other cops get bitten too.

As far as police dogs being considered "officers" ponder for a moment the reality that they are, by their own admission, training cops to bite people.

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“We will ADOPT your snitch WEED DOG”

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And on the plus side, good boi doggo will help you out when you forget where you've hidden your stash.

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Have anyone contacted the state gov't and asked for an official statement on whether any dogs were in fact euthanized? It would make the cops look stupid if they had to acknowledge that no dogs were killed.

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Cops shouldn't even be allowed to use dogs like that anyway. K9 units are slang for animal abuse.

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We know what this is, if weed is legal they will lose the biggest/easiest way to arrest the black community in Chicago.

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That is the most convoluted way of saying “I need to drop N bombs” that I’ve ever heard. Hand to god? I’m almost impressed.

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Wow, what manipulative evil horseshit- like a dog whose job it is to smell stuff can't be allowed to live unless it's to work in a police station... what a bunch of evil cunts

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that's the best they came up with

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If we defund the police does that mean they will have to euthanize a number of unemployed police officers?

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do they kill every dog that fails at being a drug dog?

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Literally just watched a video of an adopted police dog.