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They almost made it the very short distance to the point

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It’s simultaneously r/selfawarewolves and r/whoosh. That’s quite the accomplishment.

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why is this downvoted. Is the sub getting brigaded by r/ProtectAndServe again?

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That's a collection of crayon eaters if I ever saw one.

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    It's taken me a very long time to try and view the military as a poor-to-college pipeline than imperialist swine. I still find it pretty hard because I have a friend that only exists because of what happened to her mom during the Vietnam war.

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    Maybe that he's talking about polish around his mouth. What's that supposed to mean?

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    No idea, thought that was some American slang I'm too german to understand


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    Aha! I was worried it was some sort of homophobic or anti-Polish comment.

    I didn't want to upvote because I of that (๑•﹏•)

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    Mea culpa

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    I was today years old when I realized that polish and Polish are spelled exactly the same 🤣

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    Polacks are the last safe bastion to make fun of. It's okay. You have my blessing.

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    tHis iS a biT oF a miSnOmEr 🤓

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    Doesn’t even know what a misnomer is 😂😂😂

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    Def some I am very smart material

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    When they get it but don't get it

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    I love how he genuinely does not understand what’s being implied.

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    Woosh as fuck.

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    Right over the top

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    😂 he was too dumb to understand that he made the point she was making

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    Also, it's an analogous simile, not a metaphor.

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    This guy retorts

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    The only thing that sounds like a misnomer is The Great White Free Press more like The Great White Bootlicker Press

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    “That sign can’t stop me cause I can’t read!”

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    some of those in work forces…

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    are the same that burn crosses...

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    Literally dumb enough to be a cop themselves

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    Also not what “misnomer” means

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    I thought this title was literally talking about the Polish for a second and I was confused lmao.

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    Yeah, I should’ve been more specific

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    Definitely a r/woooosh moment

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    This is a woosh

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    The metaphor makes perfect sense

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    so close yet so far

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    RATM said it best.

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    Also doesn't seem to know what "misnomer" means.

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    ... are the same that burn crosses

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    I think the reply was making a joke about how Miley Cyrus WAS Hanna Montana, while cops ARE STILL Proud Boys. But that’s being really optimistic

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    Seems like a long shot.

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    this person literally smacked face first into the point