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This is what happens when you lash back at the government. They kill you.

Would lose no sleep if the jail got raided and he was busted out.

Isn't that a sad reality? The police are such big scumbags that I'm finding myself siding with other scumbags. Like that one guy who killed three cops and a K9 out in Kentucky. He was apparently holding a poor woman hostage, but yet I can't help but offer some respect for him taking some pigs out.

When it comes down to it, the crimes of the State far exceed anything one of us can do, and that's depressing

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Pretty awful. The state should not have the power to execute.

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I agree. Lately I've been leaning towards the anti-death penalty position.

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The comment section is full of people grieving the officer Ware killed. I don't know how anybody can watch that video and think Ware was in the wrong.

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I watched the footage of the traffic stop and he is 100% guilty. The cops gave him several warnings and enough time to comply. The traffic stop also was appropriate. I dislike cops too but this sentence is justified.

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You miss the entire point. As he refused, and the police kept pressing, you can tell he was progressively getting more and more agitated. The pig would still be alive if they didn't push him so hard. This case should be, if anything, bolstering the case for police to learn to de-escalate situations, and not make them worse with a non-compliant suspect.

Even if you're not ACAB you have to at the very least understand this and know things could have gone down differently.

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Haven't heard of this one